In the world of professional wrestling, advice can be both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes, listening to the wrong voices can lead to setbacks and frustration. Such is the case for rising wrestling star Austin Theory

He found himself on the receiving end of some blunt criticism from notable wrestling critic Bryan Alvarez. After suffering his second loss to Rey Mysterio, Theory was advised to not heed Alvarez’s words of wisdom by many fans.  

Bryan Alvarez imparts insightful advice to Austin Theory


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Austin Theory, a rising star in WWE, has been making waves in the wrestling world with his undeniable talent and potential. However, his recent losses to Rey Mysterio raised questions about his in-ring strategy and overall direction. Rey Mysterio retained the United States Championship by defeating Austin Theory at WWE Payback, ending Theory’s day reign. 

It was at this point that Bryan Alvarez, a respected wrestling critic, offered Theory some advice, which raised eyebrows in the wrestling community. 

Alvarez’s words were direct and to the point: “Austin Theory, if you’re listening right now…whoever is telling you to do this, stop listening, okay? … Stop working this absolutely, positively boring ass 1990s style of wrestling. Like, it’s not the right kind of heat. It doesn’t work in 2023. You’re getting lapped by young guys all over the world…”

These words from Alvarez, while well-intentioned, have ignited a debate within the wrestling world. Alvarez didn’t mince words when he addressed Austin Theory’s wrestling style. The wrestling world got drawn into two sides on this matter. Some believe that Theory should heed Alvarez’s advice for a fresh perspective. 

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Others argue that he should rely on seasoned professionals within WWE for guidance. This highlights the need for wise advisor choices in pro wrestling. Unfortunately, Mysterio remains undefeated in the Payback match. 

Mysterio retains: A thrilling WWE Payback rematch

Rey Mysterio successfully defended his United States Championship against Austin Theory at WWE Payback. The match took place on 2nd September 2023 in the PPG Paints Arena. 


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Mysterio secured the victory with a pin following a victory roll in this highly anticipated rematch. This win marked Mysterio’s third U.S. Championship victory and ended Austin Theory’s reign at 257 days, making it the third-longest United States Championship reign in WWE history, behind only Dean Ambrose and MVP.

The path to this rematch was complex. However, on the August 11 episode of SmackDown, Theory attacked Escobar before their scheduled match, leaving Escobar unable to compete. Rey Mysterio stepped in as a replacement, ultimately defeating Theory for the title.


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Austin Theory later defeated LA Knight to earn a title shot, but Mysterio won once more at Payback. Do you think Austin should take the advice from Bryan or not? Let us in the comments down below.