Drew McIntyre and Jey Uso Top the List – All the Eliminations at WWE Elimination Chamber 2021

Published 02/22/2021, 9:54 AM EST

WWE presented a spectacular Elimination Chamber PPV last night. Both Elimination Chamber matches were the highlights heading into the PPV, and they did not disappoint!


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Daniel Bryan and Drew McIntyre emerged victorious from their respective Elimination Chamber matches. And the competitors they fought against were no rookies. So, how did these mighty men and former World Champions get eliminated? Let’s find out!

SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match


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Daniel Bryan and Cesaro started off the match. There were no eliminations until everyone except Jey Uso had entered the match. The first man eliminated was King Corbin who fell prey to a vicious combination by Cesaro.

He caught Corbin and delivered his trademark ‘Cesaro Swing.’ Post that, he followed it up with a Sharpshooter, forcing Corbin to tap.

Next, Kevin Owens eliminated his former best friend, Sami Zayn, with a Stunner. Just as Owens regrouped near the Chamber door, Jey Uso quickly jumped in and shut the door, trapping KO’s arm. ‘

Main Event’ Jey Uso then followed with a series of vicious Superkicks, followed by an Uso Splash in the ring to eliminate Owens.

The match came down to Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, and Jey Uso. Bryan and Cesaro had a wonderful stalemate, with the ‘Swiss Superman’ gaining momentum.

Cesaro picked steam but quickly got caught by Jey Uso’s Superkick. Uso then delivered another Uso Splash and eliminated the ‘Swiss Cyborg.’

‘The American Dragon’ was down and out while Uso eliminated Cesaro. The former SmackDown Tag Team Champion beat down Bryan and went for his third Uso Splash of the night. Uso delivered the splash, but D-Bry got his knees up, hurting Uso in return.

The former WWE Champion didn’t waste any time and quickly hit his finisher, the running knee, to Jey Uso to pick up his third Elimination Chamber victory.

Raw Elimination Chamber Match

The Raw Elimination Chamber match had all former World Champions. Shockingly, Kofi Kingston eliminated Randy Orton with a simple roll-up! Orton retaliated to the elimination by delivering an RKO to both Jeff Hardy and Kofi Kingston.

AJ Styles tried eliminating both men after he instructed his bodyguard Omos to break the pod. This allowed Styles to enter the match even before the stipulated time, but to no benefit. Sheamus entered the match and quickly eliminated Kofi Kingston with a Brogue Kick.

Jeff Hardy had the better of Styles as he hit him with his Swanton Bomb. Sadly, he got caught with a Claymore from McIntyre almost immediately. McIntyre then pinned Hardy to eliminate him.

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre exchanged blows again, and this time, the ‘Dublin Brawler’ put down the champion with a Brogue Kick. Just as he delivered the Brogue, Styles hit Sheamus with a Phenomenal Forearm, eliminating him.


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In the final moments, Styles had McIntyre exactly where he wanted him. He set himself up and went for another Phenomenal Forearm but got caught with a Claymore Kick in mid-air!

McIntyre then picked the reigns and pinned Styles to retain his WWE Championship. Although, he didn’t leave home with the title as The Miz cashed in on him!

So that’s how all the competitors got eliminated in their respective Chamber matches. Which Chamber match entertained you the most? Let us know in the comments below!


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