Drew McIntyre Compares his Buddies to the F.R.I.E.N.D.S Cast

November 7, 2020 5:41 pm

Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre shared an incredible throwback photo from his Indie days. The Scottish psychopath took to Twitter to share an old memory.

The people in this are the well known Drew McIntyre along with Grado, Jack Jester, and Insane championship wrestling owner, Mark Dallas. Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) is a 14-year-old professional wrestling promotion in Glasgow, Scotland.

This picture happened after McIntyre’s disappointing stint in the WWE and 3mb ended. He was then released from the company as he could not perform to the level Vince McMahon expected when he called him the chosen one.

Being Scottish himself, it was not rocket science for McIntyre to return to ICW. This is where he fought the likes of Jester and Grado.

The caption clearly shows the struggle he faced during these tough days of his career. The pay and lifestyle was not as big as the superstars in the WWE or AEW. However, Drew McIntyre relishes these days of struggle as he feels they made him what he is today.

Drew McIntyre gives all credit to the independent circuit for his modern-day success

In 2017, when McIntyre returned to WWE, he was a changed man. With a beard, an intense attitude, and a will to take the next step and grab the brass ring, he was nowhere close to what we saw in 3MB.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, McIntyre revealed that Evolve wrestling, ICW, and many indie promotions made him what he is today.

“That’s the period where I started to become the man I am today, I found myself on the microphone and in the ring. Independent wrestling, as a whole, was really growing during that period of time.”

“This current run I am having does not happen without the independents, I’d lost my passion for wrestling, the one thing I’d loved for as long back as I could remember. I didn’t just recapture it during this period of time, I took it to a whole new level.”

We all love this latest version of Drew McIntyre, and even he loves this recent version of himself. Hence, it is not very difficult to understand why this photo has a big place in his heart.

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