Drew McIntyre Reacts to the Fake McIntyre Brought by The Miz on Raw

January 20, 2021 6:24 pm

The 2021 Royal Rumble is just two weeks away, and the card is stacked. We’re not only getting a Last Man Standing match for the Universal Championship but also a WWE Championship match between Drew McIntyre and Goldberg. The Miz and Morrison hyped the Goldberg-McIntyre match in some real unique fashion this week on Raw.

Drew McIntyre responds to The Miz bringing ‘New Jersey’ Drew

Miz and Morrison falsely advertised Goldberg for their talk show ‘The Dirt Sheet.’ Instead, we saw Gillberg come out! But that wasn’t all. There was a fake Drew McIntyre as well, or shall we say there was a ‘New Jersey’ Drew?

Fans went crazy as Miz and Morrison spoofed them with Gillberg and ‘New Jersey’ Drew. Honestly, it was a fun spoof, and Drew McIntyre finally reacted to it when his best friend Sheamus pushed his buttons.

Sheamus tweeted an image of himself and fake McIntyre with a sarcastic caption praising his physique ahead of the Rumble. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre responded to the tweet with a savage reply. He wrote that that’s what one gets when they order a Drew McIntyre from Wish.com (We all know how cheap Wish is!)

Well, there’s no way anyone’s ordering McIntyre from Wish.com if that’s what they’re going to get. Anyway, the whole point of the spoofed segment was for Miz to portray both Goldberg and McIntyre as losers. In fact, he even said that he would cash-in his Money In The Bank contract at the Royal Rumble.

Will The Miz really cash in at the Royal Rumble?

The Miz made a strong statement on Raw when he said both Goldberg and McIntyre would walk out as losers after he cashes in his MITB contract. Honestly, The Miz has said this a million times and out of that, we’ve seen him cash in only once.

The ‘A-Lister’ has time till May/June until the next Money In The Bank PPV to cash in his contract. With the way things are going on Monday Night Raw, it’s highly unlikely that The Miz will successfully cash in on McIntyre. What if Goldberg wins the title, McIntyre attacks him, and then The Miz cashes in? Never say never in the WWE!

Who do you think will walk out of the Royal Rumble as WWE Champion? Drew McIntyre, Goldberg or The Miz? Let us know in the comments below!

Ishan Chavan

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