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Dwayne Johnson Announces Huge News for the Fans

Dwayne Johnson Announces Huge News for the Fans

Future Hall of Famer Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has had one of the most successful careers after WWE. He is one of the few WWE Superstars who has turned a successful career in wrestling into a successful career in Hollywood.

The Rock is now an unstoppable force in the movie business. He has been the highest-paid actor for multiple years in a row now, cementing him as a box office draw.

The Rock embarked on his first entry into superhero films in 2014, when he signed on to play the anti-hero, Black Adam. Johnson had signed with Warner Brothers, the studio behind the DC Cinematic Universe films.

The announcement took the world by storm, as the biggest star of the time had chosen to work with DC, to make amazing films.

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Dwayne Johnson is a supervillain?

However, the project was sidelined, with the release of Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice and Justice League.

Now, The Rock has announced on his Instagram that he will be appearing at the DC Fandome, for his role as Black Adam.

Fans have been waiting for The Rock to walk in the shoes of the comic book character for years now. There have been countless pieces of fan art depicting him as the Egyptian anti-hero.

2019’s Shazam was a major boost in momentum for the Black Adam character, as he was a recurring antagonist for Shazam in the comics. 

WWE Superstars haven’t all been surefire hits in the movie business. With a few exceptions, performers in the WWE don’t transition well into Hollywood.

The industry is so different from pro-wrestling. It is more likely for wrestlers to appear in a couple of movies, and burn out, rather than take root and stay strong.

The few exceptions to this have been John Cena, Becky Lynch, Dave Batista, and of course, The Rock. These Superstars have carried their talent successfully to Hollywood, and have charmed audiences around the world with their performances.

The Rock playing Black Adam is another testament to the quality of performers in the wrestling business today. Great charisma, a strong work ethic, etc. all allow these superstars to break into Hollywood and succeed there too.

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