Dwayne Johnson faced John Cena twice in a rivalry that spanned several years in the making. The two WWE legends produced high-quality matches that enthralled fans. The last entry in their famed rivalry came in 2013. Despite the result of the match being public knowledge, a new story about Johnson’s road to WrestleMania 29 emerged.

Despite being ‘The Rock’, the legendary wrestler had to take help from other ‘mid-card’ wrestlers before ascending into the ring. Since Cena also had an invincible aura in the promotion, Johnson had to ensure that he came with perfect preparation. As he demanded some training partners, WWE pushed Curt Hawkins into the scene.

Dwayne Johnson’s demand forced mid-card wrestlers to help him out


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Even though Dwayne Johnson engaged in two matches tin he same year, he didn’t want to take risks against Cena. So, he availed some special privileges and got the services of Hawkins and Curtis Axel. In a recent podcast episode of Notsam Wrestling, Hawkins appeared to talk about several things, including his bond with The Rock. Explaining how Hunter asked him to help Johnson, the former WWE star talked about a phone call that he received.

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Hawkins recalled “I was on the train to go on a date with now wife and Johnny Axe was calling me and I’m like, ‘Oh no, this can’t be good. He’s like, ‘Hey, hold on, they’re patching in Joe Henning’ and I’m going, ‘What on earth could be going on now’ and then he explained to us that Hunter decided that we would be the best candidates to be his [Dwayne Johnson’s] training guys.

Despite the extra work that Johnson caused for Hawkins, the wrestler couldn’t help but praise him. He added, “[He was] the coolest dude ever. You’re around somebody and you [realize] why he’s one of the most successful dudes ever on earth because of the way he carries himself and the way he handles his business and stuff. Me and Joe were just complete jabrones and he was so cool to us.

The Great One is not new to the concept of making someone walk an extra mile and then receiving praise. He has experienced a similar thing in Hollywood where he unknowingly pushed a director to put in extra effort.

Hollywood director appreciates Dwayne Johnson’s iconicity


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In an exclusive interview with ‘GamesRadar’, Hollywood director Louis Leterrier opened up about working with The Rock. Since the director worked on Fast X, he had to shoot the post-credit scene with the WWE legend. While working with one of the top-paid actors in Hollywood, Leterrier involuntarily put in extra work to make the scene look as impactful as it could be.

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Louis traveled to an extreme with his creative self and used the available resources in the best way possible. This created a tease that a lot of fans were excited to see. And once again, Johnson had unknowingly made a colleague work a bit extra to suit himself. Another similarity is that Johnson ended up getting praise because of the delightful experience people had working with him.


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