The WWE Universe in the Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado, witnessed something special tonight. Evident from the ovation he received, fans went into a frenzy seeing the iconic return of Dwayne Johnson. The event became even more special as nobody was expecting this to happen. While his comeback to the ring was delightful, the highlight of the show, however, featured him meeting his old rival, John Cena.

We finally saw the two WWE giants face to face again after years, with Johnson delivering a cheeky 6-word message to his former opponent.

Dwayne Johnson comes face-to-face with John Cena


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The edition of SmackDown opened with the return of Pac McAfee, addressing the WWE Universe. But the impudent Austin Theory, who played spoilsport to his return, cut his segment short.

However, McAfee had a few tricks up his sleeve as he introduced the People’s Champion, generating a resounding response from fans. With him finally making his return to WWE after 4 years, the atmosphere in the arena was palpable.

Unfortunately for Theory, it was not a good say as he was brutally destroyed by Johnson on the mic. DJ also laid out the young superstar with a jolting spine buster, followed by the People’s elbow. Although seeing The Rock back in action was amazing, it’s his backstage encounter with Cena that grabbed more attention.

As the two greats tried to hold a stoic straight face, Johnson broke the ice by uttering a 6-word message to Cena. He said: “I see you trying to smile” To which Cena responded by saying, “I am welcome home.” As the two embraced each other, the internet went into a literal meltdown.


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It was remarkable seeing the two show mutual respect after sharing years of rich WWE history. This also marked the first time the two shared the same screen since WrestleMania 32.

The last time the two shared the ring was 7 years ago

After battling each other for two straight WrestleManias, at both WrestleMania 28 and 29 in the main event, the two shared the ring at WrestleMania 32 against the Wyatt Family.

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The Rock initially took care of Erick Rowan by pinning him in 6 seconds, before the faction surrounded him. Cena, who was out for months due to an injury, made a triumphant comeback to save DJ. The segment ended with Cena and Johnson fending off Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family before shaking hands and hugging each other.

Since WrestleMania 32 was in 2016, fans caught a glimpse of the two superstars together in WWE after 7 years. While fans will cherish this moment, they will now wish to see the two together more often moving forward.


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Nonetheless, it was an incredible gesture from both and fans wait to see what SmackDown has in store in the future. What do you think about Johnson’s 6-word message to Cena after all these years?

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