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Dwayne Johnson Will Not Replace Johnny Depp in the Upcoming ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Installment, Report Says

Published 05/02/2023, 7:15 AM EDT

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Someone who is not an ardent fan of Hollywood is also well familiar with the name actor Johnny Depp. Recently, the actor’s personal crisis received global attention. After going back and forth for a while, Captain Jack Sparrow came out victorious in the long legal battle with his wife Amber Heard, who accused him of domestic violence six years ago.

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However, it actually helped the actor to double his fame in the industry and beyond. To cement the claim, there is Depp’s Instagram account that saw a straight 10 million jump in terms of followers and helped him earn the status of a trendsetter among netizens.

However, Johnny Depp’s end of misery came full circle as he is currently on the verge of making a grand comeback as the iconic Captain Jack Sparrow for the sixth installment of the swashbuckling franchise after a lot of doubts. The star reportedly missed out on his worth $22.5 million role for the next edition of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie amid his ex-wife’s abuse allegation against him.


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Is it true that Johnny Depp will again play the iconic role of Captain Jack Sparrow instead of the rumored replacement Dwayne Johnson?

WWE legend Dwayne Johnson has been part of several hit franchises and his taking up the mantle of Jack Sparrow couldn’t have been top unfathomable Some previous reports also suggested that Dwayne Johnson would replace him as Captain Sparrow, in case Depp wouldn’t appear, which was pretty obvious at that point in time.

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His agent Jack Whigham confirmed that the star didn’t appear in any studio films between December 2018 to October 2020 in the aftermath of Heard’s allegation.


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Now it looks like Depp is finally going to come out of his unwanted hiatus, as producer Jerry Bruckheimer came up with his stance on his casting in the next Pirates film from Oscar’s red carpet. Bruckheimer noted, ”We’re all working on it [the next Pirates film]. We’ll see how it comes out. We’re very excited. I think we’re gonna have a great screenplay, and we’re getting close.”

When asked about Depp potentially returning, the co-producer noted, ”We’ll see. I would love it. I would love to have him in the movie – that’s all that I can tell you.”

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This definitely came as a positive shocker for fans, even if not as a confirmation. This could also be a dampener on the hopes of Dwayne Johnson fans who wanted to see him take the titular role in the iconic franchise. For now, it looks like Johnny Depp will continue to be Jack Sparrow.

But what is JD’s take on working with Disney again? While there is still no word regarding that, we can try to make an assumption from his previous stances on this.

Johnny Depp’s take on working with Disney again

After the massive blow, both on personal and professional grounds, the top-class actor has done everything he could to revive his career. He has even been pretty successful in his effort given that the Pirates of the Caribbean team who snubbed him earlier reportedly sent him an apology later along with an offer of $301 million last year.


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But the actor denied the offer in the court. According to a later report, Depp turned softer enough to at least consider the request and give a thought about it. That report further suggested that the franchise is hopeful that JD will forgive them and take up the fan’s favorite role in the iconic movie.

However, we will have to see if Johnny Depp has anything more to say on this following the recent revelation by Jerry Bruckheimer.


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Who is your first choice as Captain Jack Sparrow? Johnny Depp or The Rock? Let us know in the comments.



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