WWE’s Latest Promo on Roman Reigns’ Bloodline Excites the Fans for a Dream Matchup

September 21, 2020 6:09 pm

Roman Reigns aligned with Paul Heyman immediately after returning to WWE as a monster heel. Now, one of the first feuds he is entering as the WWE Universal Champion is with his own cousin, Jey Uso. As a result of this cousin vs cousin hype and his recent promo, fans are now hoping to see another dream match up – Roman Reigns vs The Rock.

It is well known that The Rock is one of the greatest names in the WWE Universe. Moreover, he has earned significant fame for the Anoa’i family.

Coming to Roman Reigns, he is also doing his bit to ensure the family name remains significant in the wrestling universe. Therefore, if somehow WWE can have The Rock come back to the ring to take on his little cousin, it will be one of the greatest matches in the history of WWE!

In this context, it will be wise to remember that in the Anao’i family, blood comes first. In fact, there is a moment from an episode of Raw where The Rock says that Plan B is always family, indicating that family always comes through in times of need.

Paul Heyman shares Roman Reigns’ family legacy

Up until now, Heyman did not make explicit comments about his union with Reigns. Now, in a recent promotional video by WWE, Paul Heyman finally reveals his notions about the current Universal Champion.

According to the manager cum advocate, he has served others before, but none of it compares to the Anoa’i family. He goes on to explain the line of legacy that Roman Reigns comes from.

“Roman Reigns comes from a long line of royalty. From the legendary wild Samoans featuring his uncle Afa and father Sika to titans like The Great Yokozuna. The most electrifying man in all of entertainment, The Rock. Warriors like the fearsome Umaga and charismatic icons like Rikishi, father to none other than Roman’s challenger Jey Uso.”

The promo continues, giving the audience a glimpse into The ‘Big Dog’s’ childhood. As per Heyman, the dominance that Reigns has is nothing short of his birthright. In fact, Reigns has lived up to his family’s legacy by constantly acquiring championship titles and victories.

On the other hand, Heyman touched upon the relationship Roman Reigns and Jey Uso share outside the walls of WWE.

“These two men have fought their lives. Cousins, may as well be brothers. From the living room to the football field to the squared circle. At Clash of Champions Gold Rush, this battle of the bloodline will be fought with honor and pride. But make no mistake, they may all feast at the same table but there is only one leader in this dynasty and he is the Tribal Chief and your Universal Champion, Reigns.”

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