Dwayne Johnson is currently one of the fittest superstars in Hollywood. Even at 50 years of age, he is way past several other actors of his age in terms of fitness. A former athlete, Johnson has transformed himself in the way he looks.

Formerly known as ‘The Rock’ in WWE, he was one of the most talented in-ring workers in the company. During his term at WWE, he was a main-eventer, and always featured in some of the top matches of WWE. However, he would soon leave the prestige wrestling promotion and become a full-time actor.

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has always been extremely athletic and fit. However, his most significant transformation came when he shot the film, ‘Hercules’. To get into the Greek Demigod’s character, Johnson brought forth a major transformation in himself. The Hollywood star’s entire workout routine alongside his diet plan saw a mammoth change.


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Fans currently know him for his bizarre diets, cheat meals, and rigorous workout programs. However, to stay and maintain a shape like his, strictness and discipline are required.

What is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s workout plan?

The Rock’s workout plan is not an easy one. To develop and maintain a shape and size like his, one has to cross the limits and aim for the top. He follows an extremely tough workout program and a strict diet plan. He disperses his training throughout the week, with each day focusing on isolated training.

Johnson is known for training at his mega home gym, ‘The Iron Paradise’ with all the latest equipment. His latest movie, Black Adam, saw him bring a revolution in the way he works out, and pack in more muscle than he ever had before. The 50-year-old keeps himself in peak condition and works out hard to maintain it.

Dwayne Johnson currently stands tall at 1.96m, and weighs 118kg, making him a real-life beast. The Brahma Bull has massive biceps of 20 inches, with quads measuring at 31 inches. To achieve such figures, the 50-year-old had to work rigorously and stay disciplined.

So, what does his usual workout program look like?

Day 1: Chest and upper body

Johnson mainly follows an isolated workout program, without many compound exercises present in it. He begins his week by training his massive chest and upper body. His chest exercise comprises one giant set, featuring four exercises. Alongside his chest, he also trains his triceps.

His usual workout looks like this:

• Dumbbell fly’s (3 sets of 10)

• Chest press (3 sets of 10)

• Incline dumbbell press (3 sets of 10)

• Chest dips (3 sets to failure)

• Skull crushers (3 sets of 12)

The Rock then follows it up with a leg day.

Day 2: Legs

Dwayne Johnson sports huge quads measuring a mammoth 31 inches. To display such quads, one has to kill it during their leg day, and so does Johnson. The Black Adam actor has the toughest leg day one can ever imagine. During this workout, he takes giant sets, with slow reps.

His normal leg day looks like this:

• Leg press (4 sets of 25)

• Walking lunges with barbell, chains, or dumbbells (4 sets, 25 steps)

• Vertical leg press (4 sets of 25)

• Pit shark sumo squats (4 sets of 15)

• Hamstring curls (4 sets of 12)

• Standing calf raises (4 sets of 50)

He uses a special method while performing lunges and uses chains during the training. Johnson believes it provides added resistance, which is essential for muscle growth.

He then follows it up with back and traps for Day 3.

Day 3: Back and traps

Dwayne Johnson sports impressive back and trap muscles. To develop and maintain a physique like his, one has to perform some of the toughest workout sets at the gym. For his recent film, Black Adam, he took it a level apart. His back workouts consisted of performing long supersets with minimal rest, leading to the growth of huge back muscles.

His usual back-and-trap workout looks like this:

• Pullups (4 sets to failure)

• Lat pull-downs (4 sets of 12)

• Cable rows (4 drop sets to failure)

• Back hyperextensions (4 sets of 12)

• Shoulder shrugs with dumbbells (4 sets of 12)

He works hard, and the results are evident in his physique. After his back and traps day, Johnson likes to follow it up with shoulders and upper body.

Day 4: Shoulders and upper body

He trains this body part of his, twice a week. And pairs his upper body with his shoulders on day 4. He started focusing more on his shoulders prior to Black Adam and often took to his Instagram to share insights on his workout plans.

Here is what Dwayne Johnson’s shoulder and upper body workout looks like:

• Shoulder press (4 sets of 12)

• Seated dumbbell shoulder press (4 sets of 12)

• Standing dumbbell lateral fly’s (4 sets of 12)

• Single-arm cable lateral raises (4 sets of 12 on each side)

• Reverse dumbbell fly’s (4 sets of 12)

• Bent over dumbbell lateral raise (4 sets of 12)

Day 5: Legs

As mentioned above, he trains each muscle group of his twice a week. After a leg day on day 2, he again follows it up with another leg day workout on day 5. Johnson follows the same leg-day routine and brings in no change to that.

He undergoes a tough leg day and lets each set add resistance to his muscles, leading to natural growth in them.

Day 6: Arms and abs

Having 20-inches biceps is not easy work, and Dwayne Johnson has proved it day and again. He has worked tremendously hard to gain such results. The Rock follows a strict arms workout, combining both forearms, biceps, and triceps. He also pairs the arms day with his abs.

The 50-year-old has great core strength and enjoys adding more to it.

• Rope crunch (3 sets of 20)

• Russian twist (3 sets of 20)

• Hanging leg raises (3 sets of 20)

• Ab wheel rollouts (3 sets to failure)

• Double Crunches (3 sets of 25)

• Reverse Crunches (3 sets of 25)

• Single-arm dumbbell rows (4 sets of 12 on each side)

• Hammer strength double-arm rows (4 sets of 12)

• Dumbbell curls (4 sets of 15)

• Tricep pushdowns (3 sets of 15)

• Tricep overhead extension with rope (3 sets of 15)

• Hammer curls (4 sets of 15)

• Preacher curls (4 sets of 15)

After such a rigorous workout routine, he likes shedding off the heat with a rest day.

Day 7: Rest day

Dwayne Johnson is infamous for his rest day and cheat meals. He often shares on his Instagram profile, his sinful cheat meals, and their huge portions.

After dedicating his entire week to such a tough workout routine, Johnson treats himself to a hearty cheat meal.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s workout principle

Dwayne Johnson has time and again broken the stereotypes in Hollywood. After struggling during his initial days in the industry, he found his mark and turned his career around. His look is extremely unique and is not the conventional lean and ripped Hollywood hero or the dad-bod type.

He follows a certain workout principle and keeps his body fat percentage as low as possible. It means putting in as much work as possible in the gym, and not taking part in cheat meals and other things that will ruin his physique. He also follows his heated workout routine, with a rest day that allows his body to cool down, and provides rest to his muscles.

What is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s secret diet?

Dwayne Johnson does not follow a secret diet as such. However, he cuts out junk food as much as possible. Johnson tries and eats as much healthy food as possible in order to not ruin his physique by crunching on junk.

He follows a high-calorie diet to maintain his massive physique. However, he also maintains an infamous cheat meal on his rest day of the week. He eats six meals a day but makes sure they add nutritional value to his body.

How many calories per day does Dwayne Johnson consume?

Dwayne Johnson consumes a goliath of 6000 calories per day in order to maintain his impressive figure. Although, during his wrestling days, he would sometimes feed on 8000 calories per day.

However, he has reduced his calorie intake these days and keeps it fixed at 6000 calories with six meals a day.

What is Dwayne Johnson’s Sample meal plan?

Dwayne Johnson maintains a six-meal course each day. He begins his breakfast with a bowl of oatmeal with berries and nuts with a side of buffalo and eggs. He then moves on to his second breakfast, where he feeds on chicken with rice.

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After his second breakfast, it would be time for his lunch, where he would eat chicken, buffalo, or salmon with rice and a side of greens. His next meal would be his second lunch and dinner, which would consist of the same items as his lunch. Johnson often swaps his chicken and buffalo with salmon for protein.

Next, he would end his day with a supper consisting of some extra proteins, carbs, and greens. He also ensures to drink  8 to 11 liters of water each day to maintain proper hydration.

Dwayne Johnson’s post-workout shake

The Rock maintains his unique and rock-solid physique by also taking protein and maintaining his body protein count. After spending time at the gym, and crafting his body, he would treat himself with a one of kind post-workout protein shake.

His post-workout shake consists of 65-70g of proteins, 35 grams carbohydrate powder, 1 scoop of electrolyte, 1 apple, creatine, water, and ice. This high-protein drink of his provides Johnson with all the added protein and nutrients.

Dwayne Johnson Cheat day

Dwayne Johnson’s cheat days are literal myths. He is often known for gorging on huge portions of cheat meals on his rest days. After sweating it out all week at the gym, Johnson deserves his cheat meals. However, throughout the week, he avoids these foods as much as possible.

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However, on his rest days, there is no stopping Johnson from munching on his favorite cheat meals. Some of his iconic cheat meals are huge portions of cheeseburgers, pancakes, and hearty breakfasts.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s diet principles

The Black Adam actor focuses on a simple diet, without many complexities. He eats a diet full of nutritional value, filled with lean protein, carbohydrates, and lots of green vegetables. He further avoids processed food, keeping his sugar and sodium intake low. Except for his cheat days, when he forgets all rules and lets himself out.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s workout gear

Dwayne Johnson is often seen working out wearing attire from his own brand line. His partnership with Under Armour saw him bring out the workout line, UA: Project Rock. It mainly focuses on workout gear and accessories.


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And, The Rock is often seen working out wearing such gear and attires. Fans rarely see him wearing other brands, and a majority of the time sticks to his own clothing line.

Dwayne Johnson has maintained his impressive physique for several years now, and all of this could be credited to his dedicated nature. Johnson recently broke the bar with his massive new physique prior to Black Adam.


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