Dwayne Johnson has been a part of the WWE 2K roster without a break ever since he marked his entry in the first WWE video game produced by Take-Two Interactive. In the 2024 edition of the annual game, fans can so far play using two variants of the superstar. While one is ‘The Rock’, the other one is his ’01 version. Now, the developers have treated fans to another variant of The Great One.

Soon fans can play as the 2024 version of The Rock, better known as the “Final Boss”. While the update may not be available for some fans to utilize yet, its early access footage gives us good news.

Dwayne Johnson’s secret attire finally added to the WWE 2K24


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The 2024 version of The Brahma Bull shows him in his regular wrestling gear. His 2001 version has a similar look but in a younger model. The ratings between the two variants also slightly differ. However, the “Final Boss” look of Dwayne Johnson appears completely different from what fans have been seeing until now. Unlike the community character models that present him in his Versace shirts, the official Final Boss look will include a black tank top and jeans, the classic look that DJ rocked in 2024 when he first came back to the promotion.


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A YouTube video showcases the attire as it was in early access. It also displays the upcoming Roman Reigns 1000 days attire. Both character models will be included in the same update, Patch 1.08. The update was scheduled to arrive on 15th May and was reportedly revealed a day before. However, fans may need to wait a few more days until these models are publicly available.

The update patch, including The Rock could indicate his imminent arrival back in the fold at WWE.

Dwayne Johnson may be coming back to WWE


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We last saw DJ show up in the promotion on Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania XL. He interrupted Cody Rhodes‘ promo and warned him to never break his heart ever again. Before leaving, Johnson handed him something that he has kept a secret ever since. Fans have since been speculating that a feud between the two stars is bound to happen because of how they left things on a cliffhanger. Although we don’t have any updates on this so far, there is a possibility that the new 2k24 patch may be foreshadowing the return of DJ and The Tribal Chief.

The remodeling could be connected with DJ’s comeback because if he comes back, fans may wish to recreate the iconic matches that he will have. Are you excited to play as the Final Boss in WWE 2k24?

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