Over the past few days, Rhea Ripley began trending on social media after a live event. During her match with Nia Jax, she performed Rikishi’s iconic Stinkface on Jax. While this move was her way of getting revenge on Jax using this on her at Elimination Chamber, the move went viral. This was due to the nature of Ripley’s costume while performing the move. Ahead of WWE RAW, she posted a semi-NSFW picture on social media.

This is nothing new for the WWE Women’s World Champion. She is known for posting risque photos and even comments on social media.

Becky Lynch calls out Rhea Ripley NSFW persona as a means to get attention


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On tonight’s WWE RAW episode, Ripley faced Becky Lynch in the ring for a promo. This was set to build up their match at WrestleMania XL. However, during the promo, Lynch said Ripley posted pictures of herself online for attention. Moreover, despite being the Women’s World Champion, she was rather in-active in defending the title.

She also touched up Ripley doing the Stinkface. Ripley replied, “I could post a video or photo online & watch these freaks eat it up.” This could be a clear hint that Ripley’s NSFW content will continue on social media. Furthermore, Ripley also hinted that her social media presence was the reason why she didn’t compete in matches to stay relevant like Lynch. This quickly led to Ripley talking about Lynch’s child, which is something that she had not expected.


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Ripley said that after their match at Mania, she would make Lynch watch her daughter call Ripley “Mommy.” This enraged Lynch to punch Dom Dom, enraging Mami. The two got into a small fight before the duo left the ring. However, Lynch was not done with Ripley and followed her outside of the ring to continue the fight.

Rhea Ripley’s NSFW live events gained massive online popularity

After performing the Stinkface on Nia Jax during a live event, the video went viral online. All social media platforms and wrestling forums posted the video. This resulted in Ripley getting a ton of attention online. However, this was not a one-off use of the move.


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During another live event, Shayna Baszler was seen asking Mami to hit her with the Stinkface. This was a nod to Matt Hardy, who begged Torrie Wilson for a Stinkface only to receive it from Rikishi. This, too, gained attention, and people continued talking about Mami. What did you think of the promo? Tell us your thoughts on Ripley’s social media postings in the comments.

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