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$80M Rich Hollywood Actress Had a Fantasy to Cast $800,000,000 Dwayne Johnson in Her Directorial Debut

Published 09/04/2023, 1:15 PM EDT

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Dwayne Johnson has been in the film industry for more than two decades now and has risen to the top of the charts. Although he started as a newcomer in the industry, he would soon soar to the top, and make several friends along the way.

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We know Johnson for his humble and fun-loving nature. He also grasps the limelight due to his friendship with stars such as Kevin Hart and Emily Blunt. Hart and Blunt are infamous for making fun of Johnson in public in a sporting manner. And recently, an old video of Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt started doing rounds on the internet. The video showed Blunt speaking about casting Johnson in a movie.

What movie does Emily Blunt want to feature Dwayne Johnson in?


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A video trending on X from a couple of years earlier showed Emily Blunt speaking hilariously about her co-star Dwayne Johnson. During the promotions of their film, ‘Jungle Cruise’, Blunt would take major funny digs at Johnson.

During a similar promotional incident, Johnson had gotten severely drunk and started fumbling with his words. Blunt remembered the incident and spoke about how she wanted to star Johnson as a part of her directorial debut in a one-shot film about him vomiting his guts out.


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She said, “This movie would have to star Dwayne Johnson. And the whole movie is just sort of shot like in one shot of Dwayne Johnson trying not to throw up the whole time. And, it would be so funny. Also, on the ride is Aerosmith, and as they are going around the roller coster, they are singing. And it’s just a slow-mo of Dwayne Johnson throwing up and just sort of showering everybody.”

Johnson himself would participate in the fun and make humorous jokes about himself. Blunt and Johnson share a close and friendly relationship with each other, and it was evident from how they kept making fun of each other, without getting offended.

During a similar incident, Johnson had gotten severely drunk on tequila and Blunt proved her friendship, as she managed Johnson.


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How did Emily Blunt manage a drunk Dwayne Johnson?

A few years ago, during a similar promotional event for Jungle Cruise, Blunt and Johnson would take part in an interview with tequila in place of water. Johnson would take several sips of tequila and become extremely drunk.

The video showed Johnson trying to speak a joke and make a pun but would fumble every time. Emily Blunt would manage Johnson and take care of him before he could make a mess of himself. Although the video is extremely hilarious, it also shows the caring nature of Blunt.


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What do you guys think about the friendship between Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson? What did you make of Blunt’s plotline for her directorial venture? Let us know in the comments section below.

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