“Everyone knows WWE is apolitical” – The Undertaker Gives Befitting Response to a Fan

May 19, 2020 9:39 pm

‘Undertaker – The Last Ride’ has been the most in-depth look at Mark Calaway, and his beloved deadman, The Undertaker. The documentary series follows Mark through his life starting from 2017 and also looks back at key moments in his life. Since this is the most we have seen of ‘Mark Calaway’ the man, we would be hard-pressed to think that he would be perfect as a human being. Recently, fans have taken issue with his political views and alignments, as they are briefly displayed on the show. 

The Undertaker, a Republican?

Mark Calaway is closely intertwined with the Undertaker as a character, ever since he started performing in the WWF. The character he plays was always seen as invincible, stoic, and intimidating, to a large extent. So, if we peel off the layers of the character and look inside, there definitely would be detractors against what is seen. 

A fan recently spoke out against Mark wearing clothing and caps that showed his political leanings on the documentary series. 

The caps and political insignia are never mentioned explicitly in the show. Neither is Mark’s political leanings as an American. His political thoughts and leanings are never a plot point or a significant aspect in the show (at least through the first two episodes). The main source of this backlash seems to be from fans who are liberals, who are disappointed in Mark Calaway’s political alignments.

The Man vs The Character

Any famous media personality has the potential to be different from who his/her fans think they are. Hence the phrase ‘Never meet your heroes’. But this particular backlash is misplaced, as The Undertaker, the character, will always be different from Mark Calaway. Calaway is free to hold any political opinion, but that shouldn’t take away from the amazing character he has built. Even though Mark Calaway may be a right-leaning sports personality, that doesn’t tarnish his achievements throughout his long career. It would be extremely misguided for fans to think any less of The Undertaker because of his politics. Because whoever Mark Calaway may vote for, The Undertaker will always be the deadman.

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