“Everyone Was Like…”: John Cena Reminisces Dwayne Johnson Breaking an Unwritten Rule in the WWE

Published 03/11/2023, 12:30 PM EST

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John Cena and Dwayne Johnson were part of one of the best WWE feuds ever. There was something special in the rivalry. Two of the biggest names in the promotion’s history were going head to head in the epic battle of generations. Wrestling fanatics and people from the industry remember it quite vividly.

There was a year worth of buildup for the monumental clash. Any other rivalry would’ve fallen flat owing to the considerable time. But not this one, and Cena did not waste the opportunity to make it heated either. ‘The Cenation Leader’ went on a verbal attack on an episode of RAW for making a mockery out of an unwritten WWE rule.

John Cena mentions an unforgettable moment in his feud with Dwayne Johnson


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Cena lifted the lid on the matter, during the A&E documentary WWE Rivals. He said, “Rock doing his thing, me going out to interrupt him. And 90 seconds before my music hit, someone, not to be named. Said yo, do you see that? I said, see what? I think Rock has something written on his wrist. Everyone was like yoooo..cause that’s just not allowed.”

Cena’s terrific mic skills meant he capitalized on the moment unlike anyone else. He confronted Johnson in the ring and said, “I don’t need words like respect, loyalty to trend worldwide. Just like I don’t need my notes for my promo on my wrist” visibly angering The People’s Champ, and blurring the line between reality and kayfabe. Fans watching the promo were also left aghast at the shocking incident.


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Johnson is well-known as a seasoned pro on the mic. And it was unfathomable to think that he would be willing to use outside aid to get one-up on Cena. That one single moment raised the stakes of the upcoming match to an all-time high. And made their match at WrestleMania XXVIII unmissable.

Lightning did strike twice for this epic rivalry


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The Brahma Bull prevailed in the initial clash between the two. A momentary lapse of concentration led Cena to lose his firm grip on the match. However, he made amends for his error in judgment in the very next ‘Showcase of Immortals’. The Franchise Player not only beat Johnson but also won the WWE Championship.

The John Cena and Dwayne Johnson feud seemed like a dream. Everything from the promos to the actual fights oozed perfection. Cena being the master manipulator found a way to rile up Johnson. And the 10-time WWE champion certainly brought his A-game to the encounters after that.


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