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Exploring 3 Scenarios Where Damian Priest Leading Judgment Day at Survivor Series Wargames Could End in Chaos

Published 11/21/2023, 4:30 AM EST

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The upcoming premium live event of the Survivor Series is surely going to be a roller coaster ride for the fans. With a plethora of captivating matches, it will surely take the fans to the edge of their seats. But among all the highly anticipated matches will be the men’s Wargames match, which will now welcome the presence of Randy Orton.

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However, one element of the heel faction, Judgment Day, could cause them harm during the War games. Yes, it is Damian Priest’s leadership that has added an interesting dynamic to the team. But how can this be a threat to the team? Will there be tensions surrounding the group? Let’s find out.

The leadership of Damian Priest can lead to friction with Finn Balor


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It’s not a hidden fact that Priest and Finn Balor have been one of the crucial aspects of Judgement Day since its inception. The heel faction has shown its dominance since its inception, and these two have played a vital role throughout. Interestingly, despite some minor disagreements a couple of months ago, they have put those differences aside for the greater good.

But the chances of friction can arise again because of what happened last week on RAW. Well, due to a barrage of doubts put forth by Cody Rhodes concerning who is the leader of Judgment Day, Priest said no to each member until the question came to him. He then said that he was the leader of the group. Well, the statements are enough to raise tensions between him and Balor. This could play a part inside the 2-ring cage setup. As a result, the resulting tensions and disagreements could cost a match to the heel side.


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JD McDonagh can betray his team because of Priest

Since the start, JD McDonagh has been trying to align himself with Judgement Day. However, Damian Priest was never an admirer of McDonagh. Moreover, the Irishman carried the burden of the blame for costing Balor and Priest their tag team titles at Fastlane.

This certainly raised the disdain Damian Priest had for McDonagh. Most of the time, the fans have seen Mr. Money in the Bank’s constant antagonism toward The Irish Ace and even assaulting him. Well, this might have forced McDonagh to put a cryptic message a few weeks ago on X. He said that Priest was coming close to his limits. This might be a hint of betrayal from McDonagh. Now that he has become a part of the team, it will be interesting to see if he betrays them at the War games.

Tensions could even arise between Priest and Drew McIntyre


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Drew McIntyre’s heel turn was surely a hot topic among the fans. Furthermore, the Scottish Warrior shook hands with The Judgment Day, indicating his intentions. It will be intriguing to observe how he adjusts with the heel faction. However, the former WWE champion is currently operating on his own terms and has not joined the group.

As we know, McIntyre has been always found beating his own drum. He even confessed tonight to Damian Priest’s face that he doesn’t require him and is not a member of the heel faction. Now that Priest has considered himself as the leader, it will be interesting to note if McIntyre works on the terms of the 41-year-old. But there could be chances of tensions between Priest and McIntyre inside the caged setup.

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As we approach Survivor Series, will Damian Priest be the reason for Judgment Day’s loss? Do you agree? Let us know in the comments.

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