“More Drama”: Brock Lesnar’s Daughter Mya May Have Played a Major Role in His Departure From WWE to Pursue NFL & UFC Career

Published 02/29/2024, 5:37 AM EST

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Brock Lesnar became the ‘The Next Big Thing of the WWE at SummerSlam 2002 by becoming the Undisputed World Champion. He surprised everyone by pinning ‘The People’s Champ’ to win the title. This move made him the biggest superstar and opened up the gates to superstardom. He dabbled in various iconic rivalries and matches including with legends such as the Undertaker.

However, he shocked the wrestling world as he decided to quit the company within a few years of reaching the top. Why did he quit? To join the NFL and UFC. A move that Jim Ross saw coming. And in a recent clip, he reveals why.

Brock Lesnar’s daughter might’ve helped shape the decision


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In a recent episode of his Grilling JR with Jim Ross podcast, Ross talked about Lesnar’s sudden departure from the company. And according to the legendary commentator, it could be because of his daughter Mya Lesnar. Since Lesnar had his daughter and also had other personal issues to deal with, this led ‘The Beast’ to jump into a different sport. He said,“Wrestling community oftentimes if the boys see a weakness and they see some little crack in the armor. Because it was obvious that Lesnar had no cracks in the armor visibly but emotionally and material-wise he was in a world that he had not prepared forever in his life.

More money, more travel, more fame, more fortune. And he was having you know not I want to say family issues but you know he was trying to raise his daughter and the marital or ex-marital issues type things he was dating Sable which was a great thing for him and it’s been a wonderful marriage and they got great looking sons but at that time it was just more drama on his plate,” JR continued.


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Well, he sure did succeed in raising his daughter well. Lesnar’s daughter, with his ex-partner Nicole McClain, has managed to break a shot put record at Colorado State University. She has been breaking records constantly and proving that if you’re a Lesnar, you will become a beast in your sport. But what about the Beast’s return to the WWE now?

The Beast’s future in WWE remains bleak

WWE continues to distance itself from the figure of Brock Lesnar after he has been involved in the sex scandal of Vince McMahon. As a consequence, the company decided to cancel all creative plans for The Beast. His presence in the upcoming WWE 2K24 game has also been restricted.


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Aside From Brock Lesnar, This Former NXT Champion Starred in Both WWE and NFL Video Games

WWE even went a step further, removing the wrestler from the opening video of the shows (the one known as “Then. Now. Forever. Together”). Observant fans noticed Lesnar’s disappearance in the video, where he has been replaced by LA Knight. The change officially came on the January 30 episode of NXT.

According to several media, ‘The Beast’ was scheduled to participate in the WWE Royal Rumble. The promotion had even laid out plans for the company’s next PLEs. However, his alleged involvement in the serious accusations against McMahon and Laurinaitis forced WWE to take matters into its own hands and avoid any relationship with the wrestler until further notice. So it doesn’t look like Lesnar will be returning anytime soon.


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Nevertheless, what do you make of the fact that Lesnar’s initial run in the company came to a halt due to his commitments?

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