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Fans Are Responsible for Turning Ronda Rousey Into a Cold-Hearted Human Being as Per Her Close Friend: “Boo Her, Cheer Her, Whatever..”

Published 01/07/2023, 10:00 AM EST

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Ronda Rousey, the baddest woman on the planet is known for her rough and tough attitude among wrestling fans. But as per her close friend, she wasn’t like that at first. It’s the fans that have turned her into a cold-hearted human.

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Fan opinions used to affect Ronda a lot but now, they don’t bother her, that is what her best friend and the former mixed martial artist Shayna Baszler said during her interview with New York Post.

WWE fans and Ronda Rousey


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WWE fans came across Ronda Rousey during Wrestlemania 31 when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made his surprise appearance and got interrupted by “The Authority”. Fans went crazy when Rousey shoved Triple H off the ring, showing her wrestling skills. From that day onwards, fans were expecting her debut in WWE.

In 2018, this eventually came true and the baddest woman on the planet started her career in WWE during the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Ronda debuted as a baby face and fans loved it initially. However, this didn’t last long and fans turned against her during the Survivor Series pay-per-view the same year. 


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All these negative reactions stressed out the former champion at first. But then she decided not to care much about fan opinions. This got the confirmation when her best friend Shayna Baszler confirmed it while giving an interview with the New York Post.

During the interview, a segment came where Shayna talked about Ronda Rousey and her current status in WWE. She elaborated how Ronda used to care about fans a lot but all those negative reactions turned her into a cold-hearted person and now she doesn’t care about it.


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Baszler’s comment on Rousey’s heel persona

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Baszler reminded the time when Rousey returned to WWE and fans welcomed her with loud cheers. She said, I feel like there was a side of her that was like, ‘OK you’re cheering for me now, but I know how this is.’” Baszler said. “Now she is in this mode where, like, she just doesn’t care. Boo her, cheer her, whatever. She’s just doing what she does. Coincidently, I think it’s getting her more cheers now than she was before. I think when she first came back it was, ‘OK, I’ll do what you guys are thinking,’ But now it’s, ‘screw you, I don’t care what you’re thinking, I’m doing this.’ That’s always kind of been Ronda anyway.


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Even though Ronda Rousey is currently a babyface in WWE and portraying a positive light, she doesn’t miss a chance to showcase her heel persona. Now that Vince McMahon has retired and “The Game” Triple H is back in the creative team of WWE. It will be interesting to see how he books the baddest woman on the planet.

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