Fans Call for a Change as Rhea Ripley Is Spotted in a Rare Look on a Live Show

Published 05/22/2023, 9:00 AM EDT

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WWE has had an unstoppable nightmare prevailing over the landscape for quite some time. It is called Rhea Ripley. The Eradicator has become one of the most dominant and premium athletes in the WWE’s women’s division. But have the fans realized something different that Mami has been carrying forward on WWE house shows and some outside appearances?

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It might be questionable among her online fan base, but not for the ones attending live events. Regardless, this particular aspect has been loved by many of them and now they might want Ripley to make it a permanent change.

What do the fans want Rhea Ripley to change?


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Rhea Ripley is, arguably a force to be reckoned with. We know her for her amazing personality, in-ring dominance, and being Dominik Mysterio’s “Mami” these days. This is majorly due to her amazing work in the ring and overall presentation on WWE television.

The fans usually see The Nightmare clad in all-black attire with black makeup, doing justice to her feared personality. However, Ripley has been showing a slightly different side for quite some time on WWE live events.


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Rhea Ripley has been spotted donning none of her black makeup on house shows on multiple occasions. The fans had noticed it as well. But they recently went on to appreciate it more than ever. Many fans left praise for Rhea’s “no makeup” look on an Instagram post and seemingly would like Mami to make a permanent switch to it.

“I love her without makeup…she is really pretty.”

“Agreed something crazy happened with her makeup at Wrestlemania though almost like it was melting off her face.”

“No makeup Rhea 😍🔥😍🔥.”

“I like how pretty she looks when she’s not wearing all that makeup.”

“still looks gorgeous af with it.”

Moreover, there were also some fans who made funny comparisons to Rhea’s house show look, while still keeping the praise up.

She looks like Adam Driver when she doesn’t have makeup on

she looks like the rebel from the breakfast club lol

It seems like Rhea Ripley is not only synonymous with her wrestling ability but now also with a look she might have not cultivated deliberately. Suffice to say that the Judgement Day member is enjoying the most momentum in her career at the moment.

Ripley has been truly remarkable since joining Judgment Day

The trio of Finn Balor, Damien Priest, and Dominik Mysterio have greatly benefitted from Ripley’s addition to their squad. Fans can attest the same for Ripley, as her career took off to a whole different level when she joined The Judgment Day faction last year. Since then, Mami has been untouchable and unstoppable.


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Rhea Ripley scored arguably the biggest win of her career at WrestleMania 39. She dethroned Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women’s title in a hard-fought championship encounter.

Since then, Mami has been at the top of the food chain and exploring new possibilities for her in-ring career. With the fans appreciating her no-makeup look, only one question remains to be answered.


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Do you think Rhea Ripley would listen to the audience and make the look permanent?

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