This day, 10 years ago, Dwayne Johnson unveiled the new WWE Championship that wrestlers hold today. After winning his WWE Championship match at Elimination Chamber, The Rock was excited to be the one getting rid of the spinner WWE title that was synonymous with John Cena.

In an act of defiance and the logo change for WWE, Johnson showed the newest title design to the entire world. But fans have also made their opinions about the title known. Whether they like it or love it, they have to agree that every one of them is iconic in its own way.

Fans reminisce about Dwayne Johnson unveiling the new WWE Championship belt


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A fan account, On This Day in WWE, posted the video where The Rock unveiled the current design of the WWE title. This led fans to go on and display their opinions about the design and the designs to come before it.

Ever since the early days of the new design of the title, people have had mixed feelings about it. While some wanted the winged angel to come back, others wanted to see the spinner return. Would the mixed opinions about the design have changed after 10 years with the new design?

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Some feel like the spinner belt was infinitely better than the current design.

People are hoping to get a new design as Triple H has taken over WWE now.

But some really hate the spinner design.

Cena’s era with the WWE title was completely over at this point.

The spinner and the new logo, Triple H should think about this one.

Even Cody Rhodes tweeted about this title and it could be a hint for the future.


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So, there you have it. Some people have loved the current iteration, while others loved the spinner design. But some seem to have hated either and loved the winged design. Even WWE legend Kurt Angle once revealed his favorite WWE title design. But whatever the design might have been, the prestige of the title is always intact. Do you think WWE would ever change the title design ever again?


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Tell us about your opinion about the current iteration of the WWE Championship belt in the comments below.