Fans React to The Miz Winning the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber 2021

February 22, 2021 9:15 am

The 2021 Elimination Chamber just got done with, and we still cannot digest what we saw! In an exciting turn of events, The Miz cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on Drew McIntyre to become a two-time WWE Champion. Check out how fans have reacted to Miz’s cash-in.

Fans react to The Miz winning the WWE Championship

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre won a hellacious Elimination Chamber match. Even before taking the breath of relief, Bobby Lashley viciously attacked McIntyre, allowing The Miz to cash in his contract and become WWE Champion.

Twitter erupted as The Miz won the WWE Championship in shocking fashion. Some users backed the ‘Awesome’ one winning the title, while others wondered why WWE went this way.

While this fan shared an emotional tweet, another fan thought it made no sense for The Miz to win. Honestly, isn’t that the entire purpose of the Money in the Bank? Cashing in at the opportune time?

One user backed The Miz winning, but shared she would’ve loved to see Morrison with the United States title, too!

Even former WWE Superstar James Ellsworth joined the bandwagon to congratulate Miz on his victory. He shared an inspiring tweet with a picture of himself standing with the current WWE Champion.

Twitter is erupting with a mix of both congratulatory and sour posts. After all, not everyone has the same mindset in professional wrestling. The Miz has undoubtedly deserved this win. In fact, this title win came a little too late. But it’s better late than never, right?

What are your thoughts on The Miz winning the WWE Championship? Let us know in the comments below!

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