Five Insane Mick Foley Moments from Hell in a Cell That a WWE Fan Must See

Published 06/17/2021, 11:20 AM EDT

When the name Mick Foley is taken in WWE, the WWE Universe remembers the crazy moments they experienced when Mick Foley arrived at the Hell in a Cell matches.


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Foley has gone through the steel cage and fallen off it four times. Three of these times are credited to The Undertaker while one goes to Triple H.

King of the Ring 1998: The Undertaker vs. Mankind


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The Undertaker and Mankind had one of the brutal matches in the history of Hell in a Cell matches. Taker chokeslammed Mankind through the roof of the cell.

Originally, the roof wasn’t supposed to give way. Therefore, neither Taker nor Mankind was expecting this fall. When he went through it, everyone thought Foley may have broken his neck. Luckily, most of the fall’s impact was on his shoulders and he managed to save his neck and his life that day.

At the same match, prior to the fall, The Deadman threw Foley off the roof of the steel cage. Both of them were taking violent jabs at each other on the roof, and in one brief moment, The Phenom dropped Mankind from the 20 ft. cage, sending him crashing through the announcers’ table below.

The Undertaker choke slammed Mick Foley on thumbtacks

Now, the two falls from the top of the cage weren’t all. There was a moment when Foley took a fall on thumbtacks. He took a sack of thumbtacks and poured it all out on the ring. However, instead of him being able to land Taker on them, the opposite happened.

To everyone’s shock, Foley continued the match even after this.

To this day, King of the Ring 1998 remains an unusually brutal match.

Mick Foley falls at WWE Raw

A couple of months after King of the Ring 1998, Taker and Foley battled inside another steel cage. This time, The Undertaker dropped Foley to the ground from the side of the cage.

Even though the fall was painful, Foley recovered and continued the match for ten more minutes before The Deadman picked up the win.

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No Way Out 2000: Triple H takes down Cactus Jack

This was another epic match where Foley and HHH gave the WWE Universe another incredible moment.

Triple H and Cactus Jack had a fight, which cannot be forgotten. After brawling ringside for a while, Triple H and Foley reached the roof of the cage. Over there, Foley lit a barbed wire 2*4 on fire and tried to dominate The Game with it, but failed.


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As a counterattack, Hunter flipped Cactus Jack over his shoulder and sent him crashing through the roof to the ring floor. The Game secured the win after delivering a pedigree to Cactus Jack.


From Shawn Michaels to Mick Foley, WWE Superstars Who Fell off Hell in a Cell

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Mick Foley continues to be one of the Superstars who have provided the WWE Universe with brutal and crazy moments!


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