Five Interesting Things You Might Have Missed From WWE Payback

Published 08/31/2020, 10:33 AM EDT

WWE Payback was almost three hours long. Since all of us were watching the action unfold from our home, we might have missed a few things. The normal events are often full of easter eggs. Payback was no different.


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From interesting ring gears to tributes to curses, Superstars referred to a lot of things. Let’s see how many we could decipher.

The Hurt Business and Apollo Crews pay tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman


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The death of ‘Black Panther” shocked the world yesterday. Chadwick Boseman succumbed to colon cancer. WWE Superstars paid their tribute to the late actor.

Throughout the United States Championship match, The Hurt Business (MVP, Shelton Benjamin, Bobby Lashley) and Apollo Crews paid their respect with the Wakanda Forever salute. This was popularised by Boseman. Now it is almost synonymous to him.


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Keith Lee paid tribute to Dragon Ball Z at WWE Payback

Former NXT Champion Keith Lee made his main roster debut last Monday. The ‘Limitless One’ had new gear and a new theme song.

However, the Superstar’s WWE Payback debut has everyone talking. Not only the theme song is slightly different but the gear comes with a meaning.

Lee’s gear was a tribute to Dragon Ball Z character Broly.

AEW invasion on WWE Payback

With the Thunderdome experience, fans can join the action from their home. However, some fans have taken the liberty too irresponsibly. After Chris Benoit and AEW reference, AEW Elite made its appearance again on the PPV.

During the Keith Lee vs Randy Orton match, one fan was holding up an AEW and AEW Elite sign.

WWE is extremely strict about this matter and the fan will likely be blocked from future events.

Rey Mysterio’s ring gear throwback

The next easter egg came in the ring gear of Rey Mysterio. In his tag team match, Rey sported an electric blue gear with red and yellow stripes.

However, some fans found the gear a little too familiar. Turns out the gear was inspired by Mysterio’s ‘Masters of the WWE Universe’ action figure.


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Roman Reigns turns into a full-fledged heel

Throughout his career, Roman Reigns was known to be polite. Well, not anymore! Turns out that with the heel turn, Roman is now cocky.

As he covered Braun Strowman for the win, he told the referee to “Count it bit*h”. Shocking! Truly embracing the heel turn, it seems.


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For the Roman Reigns video and more, check this out –

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