5 Reasons Why Dwayne Johnson’s XFL Reboot Won’t Be a Failure Like Vince McMahon’s Original Version

Published 02/23/2023, 6:30 AM EST

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After a two-year hiatus, XFL kicked off again on February 18 in Arlington, Texas. The league got its new life from Dwayne Johnson as he agreed to buy it after they recently suffered bankruptcy. He bought the football league along with‌ his business partner and ex-wife Dany Garcia, Gerry Cardinale, and RedBird Capital Partners from the previous owner, Vince McMahon’s entity Alpha Entertainment LLC. 

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Though the league has started off well many people are still concerned about the longevity of the league given its tumultuous history. However, there are several reasons which suggest the league may thrive due to the star presence of ‘The People’s Champion’.

Here are 5 reasons describing why the future of XFL will be different from its awful past.


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1. Dwayne Johnson and his stardom

Fans already know all about the larger-than-life personality of The Brahma Bull and his journey from being a top wrestler in WWE to becoming one of the richest Hollywood actors. The inclusion of his name alone gives XFL a boost like never before.

His social media presence and large fan base means, there will be viewers who will be crossing over to watch this product. His success with many movie franchises points to his ability to bring such fanfare to XFL as well.


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2. The movie tie-ins

Having ‘The Great One’ on the team, it will be easy to pull Hollywood projects and make it about XFL, putting them in the center. This will not only promote them at a mass level but make them a well-known brand as well. Plus, The Rock has many friends in Hollywood who could make appearances and do promotional work to further increase the brand value of the league.

3. Audience perception changes

Till now, XFL was known as a product of the WWE which might look like a great deal but had its own repercussions. There are many who look down upon pro wrestling as they feel it is scripted entertainment. 

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However, with The Rock, it will be different as now people know him for his acting more than for his previous career in wrestling. The XFL moving away from the direct influence of WWE could be a big help to the league as well.

4. XFL’s consistent position

One would think that XFL has always suffered huge losses, but that’s not the real case. It had the popularity before pandemic as well, but the financial crunch due to COVID-19 left the league financially unstable.

It just needs a push and a smooth flow to flourish like anything. The market and a fan base are already present for the league and the fact it is taking off after NFL has concluded its recent season could do wonders for them.

5. Low cost 

Compared to the NFL, it’s quite evident that XFL has lower prices of tickets, merchandise, and even food. If things proceed in this way only, the league will soon be able to capture more audiences, and the numbers will keep on rising.


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Fans are looking for effective and economic forms of entertainment and that is where XFL could grab a major share of the market.

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It looks like the XFL has an exciting future ahead with Dwayne Johnson their team. Thus, it will be interesting to not only watch the game but also what more it offers in the coming days. It may not provide huge competition to NFL right off the bat, but with if it stays the course and sustains its success fans may just have the alternative to NFL they have been craving for.

Do you think XFL will finally prove to be a success under The Rock? Let us know in the comments.



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