“For Cody”: Dwayne Johnson’s Hidden Hand Gesture Meaning With Bloodline Revealed by Fans

Published 02/17/2024, 12:16 AM EST

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The Rock made his return to SmackDown in early February and, initially, everything pointed to him facing Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40 instead of Cody Rhodes. In fact, that was the plan laid out and the decision came directly from Ari Emanuel and Mark Shapiro. However, fans were against this and manifested it with boos to The Rock and messages of support for Rhodes. That has caused him to take a step back and Rhodes is once again Reigns’ opponent at WrestleMania. However, Rock continues to be heavily involved in the event.

After The Rock won over the majority of fans against him by slapping their hero, he appeared tonight on SmackDown to talk to the public about everything that has been happening in recent weeks with Cody Rhodes and WrestleMania 40. And at the end, he gave out a gesture that might spell doom for the American Nightmare. What was it? Let’s find out.

The Rock spells doom for Cody Rhodes


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Before he appeared in the ring, Roman Reigns took it upon himself to introduce The Rock as a new member of The Bloodline. He made his entrance wearing an outfit similar to that of ‘Hollywood Rock’, got into the ring, and took it upon himself to repeatedly insult the audience, earning boos. Rock went on to talk about “the story” of Cody Rhodes and mentioned how several football or basketball teams lost very important games, but they didn’t complain saying that they should have another chance to “finish their story”, but went ahead and earned that opportunity.

The segment ended with The Rock and the rest of the members of The Bloodline raising their fingers and booing the audience in Salt Lake City, Utah. However, in the end, while the rest of the members had a single finger raised to the sky acknowledging the Tribal Chief and the Bloodline, the Rock made an ‘L’ sign instead. This has caused a debate on social media as fans believe that this was more than a gesture, but a hint at a twist in the storyline.


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Fans come up with various theories

As soon as the segment ended, fans were quick to share their theories on this gesture. With some claiming that it was supposed to be a sign of a ‘Loss’ for Cody, some believed that it was signifying a twist in the story. Here are some of the reactions:

This fan believed that the L stands for a sign of Loss for the American Nightmare.

Another user shared the same thought.

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While some users believed that the Rock might turn on Reigns at WrestleMania.

Quite a few were of the opinion that this was foreshadowing a loss at WrestleMania.


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Well the theory about the Rock turning heel does sound exciting, doesn’t it? It can be possible as the Brahma Bull enjoys being the ‘People’s Champion’ and his turning against the people with a possible Presidential run in the future seems like a tough pill to swallow. But that’s the twisty way of the WWE to keep its viewers hooked like we are right now. What do you think? What does the ‘L’ signify? Let us know in the comments.

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