Former Divas Champion Expresses Displeasure as Ember Moon, Keith Lee and Others are Released

Published 11/05/2021, 9:30 AM EDT

The WWE release season has officially started, and it has been brutal for everyone. With eighteen wrestlers let go, the WWE wrestling community came together to tweet in their support.


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Former Divas Champion Paige is one of them and has taken to Twitter to react to the recent wave of releases from WWE. 


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Paige has never shied away from being vocal about her dismay with specific WWE policies and decisions.  In the past, the former Absolution leader had also expressed her shock when wrestlers were released earlier in 2021. She especially tweeted out for the IICONICS and called them comedic gold. 

Paige’s best friend, as we saw on Total Divas, Nia Jax, also got released today. Nia Jax comforted her when she had to announce her retirement.

All wrestlers released from their contracts are paid under the 90-day non-compete, but they can’t work anywhere until the non-compete is over. 

Andrade was able to escape the 90-day clause as his contract never had a non-compete. Malakai Black was also able to evade the 90-day clause as WWE never updated it from 30 days to 90 days.

Paige tops the Twitch income list for WWE superstars

WWE’s youngest-ever Divas Champion had to retire from the ring in 2018 due to her existing neck injuries. Due to this retirement, Paige picked up streaming on Twitch and became an instant hit. 

Twitch is a streaming platform that allows people to play games while interacting with fans from all over the world. 

Twitch is quite popular amongst WWE superstars, as many of them use the platform as an external income source and remain connected with their fans. 

Earlier WWE had issued a ban on WWE wrestlers using their in-ring names on third-party platforms, but many stars did not stop these third-party deals but instead started using their names to continue to be on these platforms.

A recent Twitch leak has revealed the earnings of these WWE and AEW superstars, and the former Divas Champion seems to have topped this list, with Zelina Vega in the second position.

Paige – $478,224

Zelina Vega – $341,748

Adam Cole – $318,080

Impact Wrestling – $69,140

Tyler Breeze – $43,755


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Evil Uno – $35,742

Colt Cabana – $32,479

Xavier Woods–$25,431


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Now it’s apparent why so many superstars were not happy with the ban. Just look at the amount that they earn! Some of them make more through third-party platforms than their contract.



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