The Undertaker has been an inseparable part of the WWE Universe for over a few decades. His iconic career includes numerous memorable storylines that have propelled his own career. However, that’s not the only impact he has made. His impact has reverberated in shaping some young stars’ destinies in the promotion too. The Phenom’s intervention continues to live through a star in the making. Former NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa was one of those lucky chaps to share the ring with Taker.

Back in 2005, Ciampa was a part of an infamous storyline featuring The Undertaker and Muhammad Hassan. The 38-year-old looked back on how the surreal experience led to an endearing bond between him and The Deadman. It also elevated his overall image in the business as well.

Tommaso Ciampa looked back at his striking segment with The Undertaker


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The Undertaker storyline with Muhammad Hasan gained notoriety in the promotion for its controversial nature. Moreover, it got written off immediately after the heinous London Bombings took place. However, it proved to be the big career break for The Black Heart.

He played the iconic role of Hassan’s lawyer, Thomas Whitney. It turned out so good that it caught the eyeballs of the WWE higher-ups. From coming in close contact with The Undertaker to getting a career-changing call from WWE, Ciampa explained the whole unforgettable experience during his latest interview with Chris Van Vliet.

”It was one of those days where you’re just like, what is happening like, by the time I got in there with Taker and did it like, even that was surreal. Because I want to say gives me a chokeslam and then a tombstone. He gives me the chokeslam. And we used to have this thing where we’d go for what we called treats. We’d go every day after class. It was just to the 99 it was food. We’d say treats. And we always like to say when we left each other was thank you, Daddy. Hi, Daddy. That was our thing.”, Ciampa noted.

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Adding how it had a good impact on his career, the former NXT guy went on, ”It almost became my career. Like yeah, like it was a career break but it almost became a massive break. Like I got a call the day after from I think Laurinaitis who was like hey they loved it. You’re going to come back next week. You’re going to be in a wheelchair with a neck brace we’re really going to push the thing.”

Speaking of the legendary Undertaker, he recently returned to WWE NXT in a massive segment.

The Undertaker returned at WWE NXT with a bombshell performance

The Deadman came as undead with all of his flesh when making his way back to the WWE ring in the latest NXT episode. After a long gap, the legend turned up in his iconic bandana, and biker outfit, riding through a motorcycle.

The phenom pulled out his signature chokeslam on Bron Breakker interfering in the young star’s feud with Carmelo Hayes. The American Badass has risen from the ashes and so did the ratings.


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His appearance culminated in an enormous boost in viewership and ratings war, quashing AEW’s Dynamite in the Tuesday Night War. Tommaso Ciampa kept the door open for an NXT return as he harbored an intention to return to familiar ground.


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