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Former WWE Commentator Breaks Silence Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Former WWE Commentator Breaks Silence Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Over the past few days, some WWE Superstars and professionals have been accused of sexual abuse. The latest of the lot being Jim Cornette, an ex commentator of WWE who has been accused along with his wife. Cornette has replied to the said accusations on Twitter.

Cornette’s comments were sarcastic to say the most. He says that he has to be made the center of attention of fake news to make others famous. His wife has not responded to any of the allegations so far.

In a subsequent tweet, Jim Cornette says the people who faked the screenshots should not be using the person’s profile picture that’s only a week old. Several people on Twitter replied to the Tweet asking Cornette if he knows how these things work. Certainly, a screenshot that was taken recently would have the recent profile picture. 

According to Wrestlezone, his attorney has revealed that Cornette will address the issue on Drive-Thru on Monday. 

The allegations against Jim Cornette

The allegations were made by Indie Wrestler Phil Earley. The incidents he stated date back to the time when Cornette was in charge of Ohio Valley Wrestling.

The said developmental center was part of WWE then. Jim Cornette was one of the prominent persons when it came to bringing up new talents. 

Phil Earley has spoken about how Cornette and his wife allegedly ‘groomed’ him. He says that Cornette’s wife Stacey would send him images and wanted to have sexual intercourse with him. 


He also mentions that in order to have a contract on OVW, Cornette would ask the performers to engage in sexual activities with his wife.

Earley added that a number of his friends suffered the same fate. Since then, Mike Braddock has also voiced his ordeal. 

The matter will be taken to court

Nothing has been proven as of yet. The screenshots that were posted on social media have raised some eyebrows. Cornette has denied every allegation, however, indie circuits have stood their ground.

Since Cornette has decided to face the issue on legal grounds, the accusers would be proving their points in front of a jury.

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