Former WWE Superstar Accuses CM Punk of Stealing His Finisher

April 26, 2020 6:14 am

CM Punk has been away from the WWE ring for years now. However, fans in the arena never miss a chance to appreciate the Voice of the voiceless by chanting his name. CM Punk brought a revolution in WWE when he went against the Bossman, Vince McMahon, and started dropping pipe bombs.

However, many tend to forget what a talented athlete Punk is inside the WWE ring. Over the years he has won multiple titles in WWE. And one of the key aspects of his in-ring performance was his signature move, GTS (Go to Sleep). As the name suggests, not many people were able to kick out of it once Punk landed this maneuver.

Did CM Punk steal his finisher from KENTA?

The former WWE NXT superstar, KENTA recently claimed that he was the one who debuted the finisher, GTS before CM Punk started using it.

After leaving WWE in February, KENTA made his debut in New Japan Pro Wrestling and aimed to be a part of G1 Climax 29. KENTA started using his original finisher, GTS in NJPW, which was banned by WWE after Hideo Itami had injured Brian Kendrick in a match on 205 Live.

The former NXT star recently posted a video of him hitting his opponent with GTS for the first time back in the 2000s. KENTA executed the move against Mitsuharu Misawa. Even though it was CM Punk who made this move so famous KENTA has accused Punk of stealing his finisher.

Earlier, KENTA tweeted:

It’s not the first time that we have seen a WWE superstar taking inspiration from finishers of other pro wrestlers. It might be surprising for many but Randy Orton is not the inventor of one of the deadliest moves in pro wrestling, RKO. However, it was Randy Orton who made that move so big, and the same can be said for CM Punk and GTS. Besides that, it is to be noted that Punk has given the credit to KENTA for his finisher in past interview.

Punk has not responded to this accusation yet, but it would be intriguing to see whether the voice of the voiceless has any response to this.

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