Former WWE Superstar Chelsea Green Makes a Huge Comeback in a Rival Promotion

Published 07/12/2021, 11:32 AM EDT

WWE has made several releases over the past year. However, the latest string of releases in April and June had some big names in it. One such big and underutilized name was Chelsea Green. Ironically, Green had only signed with the company a couple of years earlier.


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Ever since WWE released Chelsea Green, fans began speculating where she could go next. Many wondered if she would go to AEW or return to Impact Wrestling, where she won her only major Women’s Championship in pro wrestling.

And finally, after months of thinking, we finally know where the ‘Hot Mess’ is heading!


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Chelsea Green announces entry into ROH Women’s World Championship tournament

During Best in the World 2021, Maria Kanellis and Lenny Leonard revealed the tournament bracket. However, Maria made a quick correction and revealed she had removed Vita from the tournament for breaking the rules.

This meant there was an open spot, and Maria knew the perfect person to take it. The ‘First Lady of Professional Wrestling’ introduced none other than the ‘Hot Mess’ Chelsea Green! The crowd erupted in union as she came out.

Chelsea came out and immediately said, “Wow! So this is what freedom looks like, hey? I have scratched and clawed my way to the top and after seven years, I can finally say Chelsea Green is in Ring of Honor.”

She wishes she could stand in front of fans as the ‘Hot Mess.’ However, she cannot, as she spent over two years being deemed unworthy and waiting for opportunities. She then added that she would be doing things differently this time around.

Green revealed she was coming after all the things she couldn’t have in WWE, adding she wants to prove to everyone and to herself that she is enough. She then gave an update on her wrist injury that she suffered on SmackDown earlier this year.

She revealed the Maryland Athletic Commission has deemed her unfit to compete. However, the wait will not be a long one as she will be fit to wrestle again in a month.


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Green concluded, “Maria, start the clock, you don’t have to wait 90 days. In one month, when this cast is off, and I’m stronger than ever, I’m gonna join these amazing women. And I’m going to take the Ring of Honor Women’s Division to the forefront of wrestling.”

Chelsea Green is more motivated than ever, and could very well be the frontrunner to win the entire tournament. Although it’s interesting to note that she isn’t a ROH-exclusive signing, so there’s a chance we see her in other places as well.

Are you excited to see Chelsea in ROH? Let us know in the comments below!


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