Former WWE Superstar Mocks Triple H with a Hilarious Post

November 28, 2020 7:00 pm

Former WWE superstar Ryback never leaves even a slight chance to take a dig at WWE’s top management. This time’s meme was on Triple H and the theme was thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a day of family togetherness and a day of a lot of eating. Ryback shot two targets with one bullet through this post. He made fun of Triple H and also promoted his nutrition brand.

Ryback has unique plans this year in terms of fitness.

Ryback goes through an insane transformation in seven weeks

Ryback was always a Superstar with a wonderful physique and great strength. The Superstar has always been compared to the legendary Goldberg.

Ryback not only went through a physical transformation but also had a change in lifestyle. The Big Guy turned vegan, and it is already showing results. He added the following message along with his post.

“I already ate a lot of vegetables, my main thing was that I never really looked at how I could replace or cut down on animal protein,” Ryback explained. All I had to do was switch out my meats, I was already halfway vegan without knowing it! I said, ‘you know what? I’m going to try this’ and I look better and I’m stronger than I’ve been.”

The 39-year-old still occasionally wrestles on the independent circuit. He now has his own nutrition business and also has a YouTube show called Ryback Tv. This isn’t just a diet phase for a small period. The Big Guy has advocated for a vegan lifestyle many times on his social media.

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