WWE is a place where emotions run high and fans feel the passion with which some wrestlers speak to them. Be it Dwayne Johnson, Stone Cold Steve Austin or  ‘The American Nightmare’ Cody Rhodes from the current roster of superstars. Rhodes has perfected that skill so well that the entire WWE Universe loves him even when he loses. If there is one thing that Rhodes is great at, that’s delivering world-class promos. And he did one immaculate promo four years ago where he dissed the beloved Attitude Era.

Cody explains what worked in the WWE Attitude Era back then might not exactly work now

The impeccable mic skills with which Rhodes enthralls the audience of the WWE is exactly what he was doing at AEW. And in one promo for AEW’s ‘Double Or Nothing’, Cody was promoting the match with his brother Dustin Rhodes. Dustin more famously known for his WWE Attitude Era gimmick ‘Gold Dust’ had his own share of fan following.


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But while putting down his brother, Rhodes also pulverized The Attitude Era. In the promo he went on to say that he is not here to kill Dustin Rhodes, but the Attitude Era. Rhodes talked with disgust saying he was fed up of been compared to that time period.

In a recent appearance on the Busted Open podcast, Rhodes was reminded of that promo. He was quite proud of how it actually turned out.

Rhodes said, “Straight to camera, there was a prompter, we just had a good one that day. We had a good straight to camera”. When the host added that the current style of WWE is more appealing to the masses and brings in the dollars, Rhodes added, “I just mean it from a dollar standpoint, I love every generation of wrestling, it’s the greatest feeling ever.” He also talked about how he was annoyed by old timers always telling him how to do things.

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Rhodes went on to praise WWE Hall Of Famer Arn Anderson who he worked closely with at AEW. He praised him for his belief in seeing the future in wrestling and not sticking to age-old norms. Rhodes said, “I love that, I appreciate anyone from that generation who can look at it and know it’s growing.”

But as Rhodes recalled his promo, one of his family members recently took a direct dig at the Attitude Era.

Tiel Rhodes gave a funeral to The Attitude Era


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The Attitude Era captivated the audience between 1998 to 2001 with its PG-18 and no holds barred content. For years it has remained the standard bearer for success in pro wrestling, but that looks like changing now.

Bleacher Report recently did an article on how WWE currently is making even more money than it did during the Attitude Era through merchandise sales and tickets. Because her brother is ruling the current era and is the top favourite among the fans, so right below the article, Cody’s sister was quick to add a meme that stated ‘Attitude Era Rest In Peace’.


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But irrespective of what reports say, fans still cherish the Attitude Era and they have a worthy successor to wrestling’s biggest boom period. What’s your favorite Attitude Era moment?