From John Cena to the Undertaker, the Ten Rivals of Roman Reigns in WWE

February 18, 2021 10:19 pm

Roman Reigns has always established himself as the man in-charge. Therefore, whichever storyline he works in, he ensures to give it his best.

WWE released a compilation for Roman Reigns’ top 10 rivals

At number 10, it’s Seth Rollins. The duo used to be best friends when they were ruling WWE as the faction, The Shield, along with Dean Ambrose. Things took a sour turn when Rollins backstabbed them and joined forces with ‘The Authority’.

At number 9, it’s Big Show. The feud between them started Tables, Ladders, and Chairs when Reigns interrupted a match between Rollins and Show.

It was a brief feud, but both of them provided the WWE Universe some brutal moments.

At number 8, it’s Kevin Owens. Reigns and Owens started their recent feud in December 2020. The rivalry crossed the realms of brutality at Royal Rumble 2021. In fact, both of them kept the audience captivated throughout the feud.

At number 7, it’s The Undertaker. Both of them had an epic storyline during WrestleMania 33. Reigns and Taker, both wanted to prove themselves as the alpha. Unfortunately, the actual match between them was a letdown, and couldn’t keep up with the storyline.

At number 6, it’s King Corbin. The duo had a battle in a steel cage at WWE Super Showdown. ‘The Tribal Chief’ took the fight up a notch and attacked Corbin with a chain wrapped around his fist.

The top 5 rivals

At number 5, it’s John Cena. It was Cena who called out Reigns on Monday Night Raw. However, the buildup to this rivalry lacked a certain effort. This could have been one of the top-level rivalries, and a money-making one too.

At number 4, it’s Bray Wyatt. This rivalry benefited both Superstars as it was a fresh one. The audience connected with the idea of fresh faces feuding in a non-title match. WWE was supposed to put the Superstars in a meeting storyline together, but WWE scrapped the idea.

At number 3, it’s Triple H. The entire time WWE involved them in a feud, there was significant bloodshed. The idea of this brief rivalry was to highlight the brutality of The Attitude Era. This feud culminated at WrestleMania 32.

At number 2, it’s Braun Strowman. This rivalry started with both Superstars trying to punish the other. It was nothing short of two angry pro-wrestlers trying to seek revenge.

At number 1, it’s Brock Lesnar. Undoubtedly, this feud marked the clash for titans. Both of them engaged in a captivating rivalry which made it one of the top ones in both their careers.

Currently, Roman Reigns is waiting to know if Edge will challenge him for WrestleMania. However, Edge will decide after Elimination Chamber.

Which Reigns rivalry is your favorite?

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