From the Fiend’s Return to Edge’s Heel Turn, Best and Worst Moments From WWE Fastlane 2021

Published 03/22/2021, 1:45 AM EDT

WWE Fastlane just got done a few hours ago. It was one of the most anticipated Fastlane PPVs in history. Why? Well, every match on the card had a story, and it delivered big time. But of course, when there is good, there is bad, too. So, today we check out the best and worst moments from WWE Fastlane 2021.


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Best: Big E gets the win, but Apollo Crews stands tall at WWE Fastlane

Big E looked laser-focused against Apollo Crews at Fastlane. He was ready to give Crews a payback for all the torment he’s given E over the past month or more. It was a short match, under six minutes, but both men showed some impressive wrestling prowess in the little time.


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The ‘Powerhouse’ Big E picked up the victory after a series of inside cradles. Yes, you read it right! Big E defeated Apollo Crews with a good old inside cradle, but what came next was completely unplanned. Enraged by the loss, Crews viciously attacked Big E again and stood tall over his lifeless body.

Despite this being a short match, they did an excellent job protecting both men before their mammoth clash at WrestleMania 37. Plus, heel Apollo and babyface Big E are good for business!

Worst: Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair lose…..again at WWE Fastlane!

Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair, opponents at WrestleMania, teamed up for the third time to challenge for the Women’s Tag Team Championship. Sadly, even the third time wasn’t a charm for them as Baszler and Jax retained. And guess who took the pin? Sasha Banks!

It is very dumb to have your flagship women’s champion lose clean just days ahead of her big championship match at WrestleMania. The same reasoning goes for Bianca. WWE could’ve created a special feud heading into the ‘Show of Shows,’ but they went the ‘tension between tag team’ route.

Best: Drew McIntyre versus Sheamus – No Holds Barred

No adjectives would be enough to describe how brilliant this match was. Both men put on a terrific match with some high-octane action and crazy spots. Their backs and chests were full of lacerations, but they went full throttle.

We can easily call this match the match of the night. Hell, it could even be a contender for the 2021 Match of the Year. It was that good! No kidding. The only thing we’re unhappy with WWE for is not starting the McIntyre-Sheamus feud soon enough. How outstanding that would’ve been, right?

Worst: Braun Strowman squashes Elias

Elias replaced Shane McMahon in his match against Braun Strowman after Shane injured his knee while training for the match. Strowman came out and made quick work of Elias. He put him down in less than five minutes and sent a loud and clear message to Shane McMahon that he’s not done with him yet.

Honestly, WWE could’ve done this entire angle and match on Raw. Yes, we understand it was a filler match but was it really needed? It just does more harm than good. There are hardly any fans that want to see this match happen. An angle like this on TV would’ve helped them garner more interest than on PPV.

Best: The Fiend returns

WWE set Randy Orton and Alexa Bliss to square off in an inter-gender match. The match started, but paranormal stuff kept happening. Randy vomited black blood even before the match could start, then Alexa followed it up with the fire strikes, fireballs, and even lights falling off the ceiling!

Just when everyone thought the mind games were done, ‘he’ showed up. The Fiend made his long-awaited return ripping through the ring. The burned mask and the entire body just sent chills down our spines, let alone Orton. The Fiend didn’t waste any time and hit Orton with Sister Abigail, allowing Bliss to pick up the pinfall victory.

Best: Edge turns heel

There was a lot of chaos in the main event of WWE Fastlane as Roman Reigns defended his Universal Championship against Daniel Bryan. Not to forget, 2021 Royal Rumble Winner, Edge was the special guest ringside enforcer for the match.


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During the match, circumstances made Edge enter the ring, and presume the responsibility of an official. The chaos in the closing moments of the match saw Edge get attacked by Jey Uso and Daniel Bryan. Although D-Bry accidentally hit Edge with the steel chair, it didn’t sit well with the ‘Rated-R Superstar.’

Daniel Bryan brought the ‘Tribal Chief‘ down to his knees and even made him tap out as promised to the Yes! Lock. But Edge had other plans. The ‘Master Manipulator’ turned to his dark side and attacked Bryan and Reigns viciously with the steel chair before leaving. This allowed Roman to pin Bryan and keep his championship.


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