From The Rock to Vince McMahon, the Biggest Rivalries of Stone Cold Steve Austin in WWE

Published 03/17/2021, 11:46 AM EDT

Stone Cold Steve Austin has enjoyed several noteworthy rivalries over the course of his storied stint with the WWE. The company compiled a list of his Top-10 opponents for the audience.


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Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Top-10 rivalries

At #10, it’s Mick Foley


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In the segment shown, Stone Cold agreed to become tag team partners with Mankind and the latter, accepted. However, right after the hug, Stone Cold delivered a stunner to Foley and lashed out at him.

“You stupid piece of trash. Don’t ever trust nobody. You ain’t never gonna be my partner ever cause you’re a freak and you s*ck.”

At #9, it’s Owen Hart

The rivalry was life changing for Austin because it was during a fight with Owen Hart that led to the serious neck injury. It is assumed the move was supposed to be a piledriver, but Hart changed it to Hart Driver, and this botch changed Austin’s life.

At #8, it’s Booker T

Both of them had a supermarket brawl right after Booker T cost Austin the chance to become the Undisputed Champion. Austin attacked Booker T brutally at the Supermarket.

At #7, it’s Shawn Michaels

This rivalry marked the beginning of a new era when the torch was passed down. Michaels stopped fighting for almost 4 years after this match, and by then Stone Cold had climbed the ladder to the top.

Mike Tyson refereed the last match.

At #6, The Undertaker

‘The Deadman’ and ‘The Texas Rattlesnake’ were two of the biggest Superstars of The Attitude Era. Being the stars they were, both of them put up a magnificent rivalry for the WWE Universe.

However, they had a short run as a tag team during the 1998 summer.

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At #5, it’s Kurt Angle

During this rivalry, Austin insulted Angle as much as possible. Therefore, during their fight, Austin put Angle’s Olympic gold medals around his own neck, and then pinned him down for the win.

At #4, it’s Triple H

This rivalry had one of the best backstage segments. Stone Cold Steve Austin used a forklift to pick up Triple H’s car while he was inside. He took the car to a height and then dropped it upside down while ‘The Game’ was still inside the car.

At #3, it’s Bret Hart

The angle of this rivalry was that Bret Hart held a grudge against Stone Cold after he gained momentum in WWE. Therefore, throughout the rivalry, both of them brutally attacked one another.

At #2, it’s The Rock

This was one of the best rivalries from The Attitude Era. Austin was shining as the babyface and The Rock walked into the ring as the perfect heel. This made the rivalry one of a kind, and the WWE Universe enjoyed every bit of it.


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At #1, it’s Vince McMahon

This was the rivalry that paved the path for Superstars to rise against The Authority. Austin took every chance he had to enrage Vince McMahon.

In fact, he infiltrated Mr. McMahon’s hospital room, filled his car with cement, and did everything possible to expose McMahon as the bad guy of WWE.


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