From The Undertaker to Randy Orton, Every WWE Superstar Who Defeated CM Punk at WrestleMania

Published 03/31/2021, 1:42 PM EDT

CM Punk isn’t a part of WWE anymore, but when WrestleMania is knocking on the door, his name comes up. The former Superstar has suffered losses at the hands of some of the most popular names in WWE history.


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WrestleMania 23: Money in the Bank Ladder Match

This was Punk’s WrestleMania debut match. He performed alongside Mr. Kennedy, Edge, The Hardy Boyz, Randy Orton, Finlay, and Booker T.


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Even though Punk performed, he couldn’t win the briefcase. Mr. Kennedy walked away from the match with the Money in the Bank briefcase.

WrestleMania 26: CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio Street Fight

Mysterio and Punk shared bad blood from the beginning of 2010. Punk was convinced Mysterio was responsible for his loss at Elimination Chamber and Mysterio stopped Punk from being in 3 consecutive MITB matches.

They fought in a Street Fight match. The speculation was if Punk wins, Rey Mysterio will join Punk’s Straight Edge Society. Mysterio won and saved himself from joining Punk’s faction.

WrestleMania 27: CM Punk vs Randy Orton

This was a non-title match. They fought because Punk helped The Miz defeat Orton at Royal Rumble.

Both the Superstars fought well, but the review was that they could have done better. In the end, Orton stood tall and defeated Punk before the duo faced off again at Extreme Rules.

WrestleMania 29: Punk vs The Undertaker

CM Punk wanted to end The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak. At that point, ‘The Phenom’ was on a 20-match winning streak.

This one of the best matches of Punk’s career. He tried his level best to defeat The Undertaker but failed. The match lasted for over 20 minutes. These were the four WrestleMania matches where ‘The Best in the World’ lost.


What happened between Punk and WWE?


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CM Punk quit WWE after he realized the company wasn’t willing to take his health seriously. The company mistreated one of his injuries, which turned out to be rather serious when he got a second opinion.

Punk left WWE without notice. The company sent his release papers on his wedding day with AJ Lee. It convinced Punk that the company did this on purpose, but the company claims this was nothing but pure coincidence.


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As of now, there is no news of Punk returning to pro-wrestling. In fact, he has revealed he will never return to pro-wrestling.

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