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“You Guys Aren’t Arn and Tully”- Former WWE Superstars Reveal How Vince McMahon Insulted Them

Published 06/06/2020, 2:42 PM EDT

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FTR revealed in a recent interview what Vince McMahon said to them after a match.

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The Tag team duo was fighting their way up the approval ratings and was doing well. After their match against New Day, they were particularly proud of their performance.

Dax Hardwood of FTR describes what happened next. He explains how they went backstage and saw McMahon standing with his hands in his pockets.


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Vince McMahon said that he’d heard that the two of them were the next Arn and Tully. He then added that after the match he’d realized that they were no Arn and Tully but just “great professional wrestlers.”

They took the comment as a compliment and were overjoyed. However, Hardwood says that they soon realized he meant it as an insult. He says McMahon meant that they were never going to reach the heights of Arn and Tully.

Arn and Tully were a force to reckon with back in the day. We’ve seen very few explosive tag teams since they hung their boots. 

Hearing about FTR being hyped up as the next Arn and Tully obviously had McMahon’s attention. He was probably expecting something bigger than what he’d just seen.

Thinking that they had done a good job, FTR was surprised by the Boss’ reaction.

Dax Hardwood goes on to say that they didn’t mind the insult but took it as a compliment anyway. To be compared to Arn and Tully is a great achievement in itself, he says.

FTR was on the hot road to success before things got bad. They didn’t fit in with McMahon’s plans, and that’s something that can’t be helped.


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McMahon couldn’t hold on to them either. They asked for a release from their contract the previous April but were held up until recently.

They now work for AEW, which has emerged as another major wrestling company. AEW has broken WWE’s monopoly in the industry and is turning ripples into waves.

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As for McMahon’s words to them, it does seem like it could be taken either way. He could have been trying to praise them; he can be a very difficult man to read (not to Stone Cold, however).


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Dax Hardwood says it was intended as an insult and we have to take his word. In the end, he was there not us.

Did WWE make a huge mistake letting FTR go? Could they have been the next Arn and Tully? We’ll have to wait and see how they fare in AEW.



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