Matt Riddle has been a promising main event star for WWE for years at this point. His arrival in NXT shocked everyone and his eventual rise in the main roster was exciting to watch. But the one thing that shot him to the moon was tagging along with Randy Orton.

The Viper and Bro made a dynamic duo who tore down the tag team division in WWE. But that wasn’t their entire charm. Their chemistry and antics in and out of the ring were what kept audiences coming back to watch them. But with Orton nowhere to be seen near a WWE ring, Riddle’s future might be hanging in a balance.

WWE legend accuses Matt Riddle of cowering behind Randy Orton


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The recent arrival of Matt Riddle back to WWE has caused some to worry about his longevity in the company. WWE Hall of Famer and long-time supporter of NXT talent, like Riddle, Booker T, talked about him in his podcast, The Hall of Fame with Booker T & Brad Gilmore. In their most recent episode, Gilmore revealed that Riddle is still getting the Orton chants from fans, despite the Viper not being present.

To this, Booker T had a straightforward answer. He mentioned that Riddle was at the height of his popularity while partnering with Orton. But it meant that Riddle needed Orton to get over with the crowd. With Orton missing from action, there is nothing that Riddle can do except change his character.

In the end, he adds, “Because he still goes out there and does Randy’s moves, and Randy’s not gonna be there. That’s not gonna work without Randy. He’s gonna get out there and get over on his own.

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While fans would love to see Orton back in the ring, he is out because of his medical issues. The matter of the fact isn’t that Riddle is lacking anything, it is that, as Booker T points out; the audience has typecast him as Orton’s sidekick, but he’s so much more than that.

Where does Riddle go without Randy Orton’s support?


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Tagging along with Orton might be one of the best moments in Riddle’s career in wrestling till now, but he’s much more than that. Riddle was a former mixed martial artist. His skills in the ring made everyone take notice of him during his NXT run, but it was toned down for the main roster.

While he has talked about his struggles in the UFC before, this story could be quite captivating in front of the audience. There are more than enough ex-MMA stars that could challenge Riddle and start a program, prime among them being Bobby Lashley. There are many possibilities, but it all boils down to the WWE management in the end.


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