WWE Legend, Bret Hart, is the most popular wrestler of all time. There was a time when WWE portrayed him as a heel in the USA and babyface in Canada. The Hitman played both roles perfectly.

Over the years, we have termed Bret Hart the best technical wrestler in the business’s history. There are comparisons of new technical wrestlers with Hart always.


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However, we didn’t get to see much of Hart’s wrestling career as it was over in 1999 at WCW in his match with Goldberg after a thrust kick was not connected to Hart very well.

Bret Hart has not forgiven Goldberg

Bret Hart had a brief interview recently with Lucha Libre Online. The former WWE Champion shared his opinion about his match with Bill Goldberg. It seems the legendary Canadian wrestler has not yet forgiven Goldberg.

Hart said, “I think, for me, it’s always been a bit of a sore spot; it always makes me kind of mad that some guy is flying all the way over to Saudi Arabia and making 3 million dollars in a match. The same guy is the guy that kicked me in the head and never thought thinking about me or what he cost me and my family and what he did to me.”

He added, “The kick I got from Bill Goldberg was really dangerous kick to give somebody. I don’t think he showed any remorse or frankly, I think he don’t give a s**t to be honest.”

Bret Hart has always said this in every interview. It seemed that he might have forgiven Goldberg, but that is not the case. Apparently, Hart is not a fan of Goldberg, making $3 million by having one match in Saudi Arabia.  

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The Hitman is angrier because he had so much more left in him to give it back to professional wrestling. Moreover, Hart didn’t get a proper retirement match, which he thinks he deserves the most to this day.

The Hitman accepts leaving WWE was a terrible decision


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The Hitman was a huge entity in WWE and was on the top card for all the time he was he was in the company. However, due to contractual disputes, he left WWE for WCW. Surprisingly, he regrets that decision years later today.

Hart on Broken Skull session said to Stone Cold Steve Austin about the same. Austin had warned Hart not to go to WCW, as they had nothing for him. The iron was hot for Bret Hart as he defeated Austin, The Undertaker in WWE, and technically had not lost against Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam in Montreal.


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However, Hart later realized this after he didn’t get to work with Hogan and other exceptional talents in WCW.

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