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“He Started Yelling at Me”- Former WWE Superstar Recalls Ugly Confrontation With John Cena

Published 05/16/2020, 6:48 AM EDT

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Former WWE Superstar Tyler Reks recently appeared on the Lewis Nicholls Show. The wrestler talked in detail about his rocky relationship with John Cena, which resulted in Reks’ release.

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According to Tyler Reks, his relation with John Cena took a negative turn when he joined Raw. Their dispute was all about him using the finisher that looked similar to Cena’s. He narrated,

“We were practicing in front of all the agents like usual before the show, and Arn Anderson and he says ‘Hey Reks, what’s your finisher?’ and I said I am using the Burning Hammer. So it’s basically like an inverted FU and flips him over, but I’d sit out with a DDT. You know It’s nowhere the same. Personally, I think it’s way cooler.”


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He continued the story and talked about how Goldust took the finisher for him. Vince McMahon approved it, and he used it for 6 months. He then talked about going to Raw and the first house show he did.

“I had a match with Eddie Colone, who was Primo, and I was going over so we’re going to use my finisher. We went out there we did it. Something happened in the mix where Eddie wasn’t looking straight up in like moonsault form. He was kind of on the side when I flipped him over. It kind of ended up looking like an FU. So, we walk backstage. Cena looks at me in front of the boys like ‘I have to find you another finisher dude’ and I looked him dead in the eyes like ‘Hey man, sorry I know we kind of screwed up tonight.’ Cena went like ‘Ok Cool’.


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Argument between Tyler Reks and John Cena

The next night, Reks and Primo repeated the finish. No agent at any point had told him that Cena wanted him to change his finisher. Reks stated that even John Cena had never come and said to him, “Don’t use that finisher tonight.”


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I did it and came backstage and he started yelling at me in front of all the guys. He just is like ‘what did I tell you last night? No you can’t hear you deaf ‘. Woah man, what’s wrong? and he starts yelling at me and degrading me like I was a 6-year-old kid.”


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Tyler then walked out of the conversation. This incident caused a stop to Tyler’s push. He stopped winning matches, and he became a jobber. After a couple of months of frustration, the company released him. Reks became another victim of politics. Just like the Nexus and Alex Riley, he got buried by John Cena.

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