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“He Went Off-Script Again”: Fans Left Disappointed In The Anti-Climatic Finish To The Brock Lesnar And Bobby Lashley Match

Published 02/18/2023, 10:47 PM EST

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The WWE Elimination Chamber PLE got off to a great start with the women’s titular match. And the second clash of the night was the battle of heavyweights between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley. With the scores unsettled between the two, fans were awaiting a banger of a match. However, they were left disappointed with what actually transpired in the decisive moments of the encounter.

The match featured multiple spears from Lashley as he looked to make quick work of Lesnar. But The Beast never to go down without a fight delivered an F-5 to his opponent. The Almighty, nonetheless, still continued to dominate in the encounter.

As he locked in his signature ‘Hurt Lock’ on The Conqueror in the middle of the ring. With nowhere to go and any hopes of a comeback fading away. Lesnar blatantly low-blowed Lashley to get a disqualification.


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The fact that he performed the illegal move right in front of the referee proves that he was absolutely desperate to avoid a loss.

Fans react to the unexpected finish

Fans were left unhappy with the anti-climatic finish to the much-hyped-up match. They took to social media in numbers to react to the final outcome of the match. Some felt that Lesnar went off the script again, while some were happy that the feud will continue.


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These are some of the top comments:


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Comparison between the new regime under Triple H and former boss Vince McMahon is never far behind.

We might see something of this sort to avoid a DQ in the future.


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The battle for supremacy has been going on since 2022

The two superstars have been feuding since January last year. Lashley took advantage of Roman Reigns’ interference to win the first encounter at Royal Rumble 2022. The next round went to Lesnar as he picked up the win albeit amid controversial circumstances at Crown Jewel 2022. The fans would be hoping for a clear winner this time around. However, the disqualification proved to be a dent in the hopes.

The result has added to the intrigue as to what the company plans for the two. Especially after the fact that Bray Wyatt vowed to face the winner of the Elimination Chamber contest. How or if the WWE fits ‘The Eater of The Worlds’ into the storyline remains to be seen.


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The rubber match between the two behemoths left much to be desired. The fans might have had much more expectations for the match finish. It will be interesting to see what happens next in this saga.

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