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“He’s a Jerk”: Cody Rhodes’ Wife Opens Up on Forgotten Paul Heyman’s Creative That Couldn’t Save Cody Rhodes From Leaving WWE in 2016

Published 09/24/2023, 2:00 PM EDT

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In a revelation that takes us down memory lane in the world of professional wrestling, Cody Rhodes’ wife, formerly known as Eden during her time in WWE, has opened up about a forgotten creative idea. It was pitched by none other than the wrestling genius, Paul Heyman. This intriguing piece of wrestling history revolves around a vignette that never saw the light of day. 

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It sheds light on Paul Heyman’s efforts to elevate Brandi’s role in WWE beyond that of a ring announcer. The story also intertwines with the departure of Cody Rhodes from WWE in 2016. Her husband’s departure from WWE occurred despite Paul Heyman’s efforts with the vignette.

Heyman envisioned a bright WWE future for Brandi Rhodes with an unaired vignette marking the start


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For years, Brandi Rhodes had been a prominent ring announcer in WWE, known to fans as Eden. However, Heyman believed she had more to offer the wrestling world than just her announcing skills. He aimed to transform her into an in-ring performer. It was a transition that could have added an extra dimension to her career.

In an exclusive interview with DS SHIN of Ring The Belle channel, Brandi Rhodes shared insights into a hidden chapter of her wrestling career, one that involved Paul Heyman’s creative vision. This video vignette never aired but now unearthed, showcased Brandi and Cody Rhodes in a different light, all thanks to Heyman’s brainchild.


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Brandi recalled, “So how apropos that this video is designed by Paul Heyman. So Paul Heyman was the brainchild behind this, okay.” She went on to explain how Heyman’s influence extended beyond this mysterious video. The Wise Man of The Bloodline resolved to highlight Brandi’s talents beyond the announcer’s desk. Changing perceptions and convincing others of her potential for character work, promos, and more was no small feat after mustering considerable experience as an announcer.

Brandi praised Heyman’s help in reshaping her WWE role, acknowledging the difficulties of moving beyond being a ring announcer. Heyman aimed to showcase her versatility, emphasizing her character and promo abilities, envisioning her as more than just an announcer.

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However, Heyman’s efforts fell short. In 2016, Cody Rhodes departed WWE, and shortly after, Brandi also asked for her release, marking the end of their WWE journey. However, she also added in the end, “and he was super influential and helpful in that. And then now ‘he’s just a jerk’ you know the wise men jerk.” She mentioned it because Heyman had taken shots at Cody and Brandi before their match with Roman Reigns this year.

Rhodes vs. Heyman: clash of opinions in the wrestling world

Being a Paul Heyman wrestler in the wrestling industry is a badge of honor, as Heyman has nurtured some of the industry’s most legendary talents. However, Cody Rhodes recently made a surprising statement, diverging from the popular view. He expressed that he doesn’t consider Heyman the top manager, much to Heyman’s dismay.


Heyman responded strongly on Twitter, downplaying Cody’s wrestling abilities. Cody Rhodes made a remarkable comeback at WrestleMania 38, engaging in memorable battles with Seth Rollins, including a critically acclaimed Hell in a Cell match despite a severe pectoral injury. Nevertheless, Heyman appeared unimpressed, labeling Cody as the fourth greatest talent in his family, behind Dusty, Dustin, and Brandi.


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Heyman’s impact on stars like Lesnar, Van Dam, and CM Punk is undeniable, solidifying his stature among WWE managers. Cody Rhodes, despite disagreements, holds a strong respect for Heyman. Paul had a meaningful bond with Cody’s father, Dusty Rhodes, and supported the wrestling legend through tough times.


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What do you think about Brandi’s comment about Heyman? Do you agree with her or do you think she was wrong? Let us in the comments sections below. 

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