‘He’s Been a Huge Part of My Life’- WWE Hall Of Famer Kane Praises The Undertaker

Published 04/07/2021, 12:07 PM EDT

On August 27, 2020, it was announced that the Hall of Fame class of 2020 would be inducted alongside the Class of 2021 during WrestleMania 37 weekend, from Tampa, FL. The event featured some of the greatest names in WWE history. One of those names was Glenn Jacobs, a.k.a. the ‘Big Red Monster’ Kane. It was Kane’s on-screen brother, ‘The Phenom’ or ‘Undertaker’, who broke the news to Kane about his future induction to the Hall of Fame 2021.


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Kane reacts to his induction into the Hall of Fame


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On April 6, 2021, in an episode of WWE Network Exclusive, Kane was asked about his feelings on the prestigious honor. Kane spoke his mind by saying,

“It’s amazing, this is seriously, the biggest honor of my career, the biggest honor that any WWE superstar can ever hope for. Of course it’s not all about me it’s about all the people that have been around me and helped me and most of all to the WWE Universe for all their support. None of this happens without them.”

Kane talks about the Undertaker’s influence in his career

Kane owes a lot to Undertaker and says that ‘The Deadman‘ Has been a huge part of his career both in and out of the ring. Both men have shared the ring, whether it be together or against one another.

Kane even revealed that when his wife asked what it would take for him to consider himself successful in WWE, he replied, “I would like to have everybody’s respect like the Undertaker does.”

The ‘Red Monster’ strived his entire career to be even close to the legacy that his on and off-screen brother made. He talks about how The Undertaker’s legacy not only means a lot to him, about also to many people in the wrestling business.

When asked if he ever thought about the number of times he changed his character on tv, he said, “No I don’t think anyone could foresee anything like that, but I do believe that’s the key to longevity in WWE. It’s being able to reinvent yourself reinvent your character”

Kane further added that many WWE legends in the past have done the same thing. From The Undertaker to Shawn Michaels, everybody has changed their character at least once.

Kane talks about his illustrious career

“The Devil’s Favorite Demon” closed the show, being the final inductee into the Hall Of Fame. Kane talks about his journey that started back in 1995 when he signed the contract with WWE. Now 26 years later he’s considered along with superstars, whom he himself looked up to and worked with.

Knoxville’s own Bianca Belair

During the closing moments of the interview, Glenn Jacobs is asked about Bianca Belair headlining WrestleMania 37. Kane replied,

“Its awesome! We are all so very proud of Bianca. She is a tremendous athlete and we just wish her the best for WrestleMania. Hope she brings home a championship”


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