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“He’s Going Back to Jail” : Fans Go Crazy Over Rare Video Footage of Dominik Mysterio Attacking an Innocent Bystander on WWE Raw

Published 09/29/2023, 1:00 PM EDT

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Being a heel in WWE typically means that people are going to dislike you for being a villain. However, the entertainment that a heel brings in is exactly why people enjoy it when a villainous wrestler is involved in a segment. Dominik Mysterio is a heel on the current main roster that fans often look up to for hilarious segments.

America’s Favorite Video Today

A recent viral video on Twitter shows him attacking a referee. While it could fire up some heated responses on some other wrestler’s post, Dom Dom gets a free pass from fans for being a hilarious character.

Dominik Mysterio’s boot meets referee’s face


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The untelevised footage appears to be of Monday Night Raw. A fan who was present there was recording Dom as he was being escorted out of the arena. Despite the WWE officials holding him in one place, the wrestler removed himself from their grip as he marched swiftly toward one of the two referees.

Without thinking twice about the consequences, ‘Dirty Dom’  kicked a referee in his face with full force. There is not much information if it was a real altercation. So far, it appears to be one of the publicity stunts that a heel pulls off for entertainment. Fans are also taking it as a kayfabe event.


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While the audience present at the venue was shocked and surprised, the viewers on the internet had a completely different reaction. They went on to write hilarious comments for Dominik Mysterio after witnessing his heel moment.

Fans can’t stop laughing at Dominik Mysterio

The comments of the tweet are flooded with hilarious fan replies to Mysterio Junior’s segment. While some fans appreciate Dom’s heel character, others admit how he has improved as a wrestler.

This fan can see that Dom is not holding back on anything.


A viewer even noticed the uniqueness that this heel holds.


Finally, someone calls out Mysterio for his unlawful act.


Yet another netizen has declared him to be the top heel in the business.


Here’s a quick recollection of events, a throwback to when Dominik was ‘Prison Dom’. Could it be possible for WWE to send him back into kayfabe prison time?


A fan even declared him to be the funniest man on the roster.


Finally, we have a witness who has seen the 26-year-old at his worst and is proud of the growth that he has made in the promotion so far.



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Seeing fans appreciate the son of a legend is a new thing, as there was a time when they accused him of using his father to get away with the developmental brand. The fans who wanted Dom to attend NXT to train better are now appreciating his growth.

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What were your initial thoughts upon seeing the untelevised footage? Comment your thoughts below.

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