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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is synonymous with the pro wrestling world. In a brief time in the wrestling business, he accomplished what many fail to do, even after toiling for several years. His run in WWE was a short one, but he amassed a ginormous fanbase and widespread freedom from the industry.

Speaking of his WWE run, Seth Rollins recently took a shot at how short Johnson’s wrestling career was. Comparing his two-decade career to Johnson’s tiny couple years career, he established that he has started his ascent to the pinnacle of his WWE career.

Seth Rollins compares his WWE run to that of Dwayne Johnson


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On the latest edition of the IMPAULSIVE podcast, Rollins sat down with Logan Paul and YouTuber Mike Majlak for an interview. While discussing his successful run in the WWE and at what point he stands in his career right now, he took a dig at Johnson. The Rock has been associated with WWE for several years now, but he was a full-time wrestler for only a couple of years.

“So, in our industry, there are some exceptions, you know, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. He’s kind of an exception, obviously. He was sort of part of the business his entire life because his family was in it. But like he had… his real run was only like four years. It was tiny.” he said.

What he actually meant to say was that ‘The Great One’ achieved the same level of success in a few years that took him over two decades to reach. A big reason for that could be that Johnson came from a long line of pro wrestlers, as Rollins pointed out in his comments.

Now he feels like he has reached a point in his career that will mark the beginning of his journey to the summit of the industry.

Rollins has started his rise to the top


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‘The Visionary’ is at the top of his game right now. From his fabulous attires to his outstanding matches, he has been delivering the best. Therefore, during the interview, Paul asked him whether he feels like he has reached the pinnacle of his career. Rollins replied by saying, I feel like I’m kind of just starting my prime. I am just starting to get into it.”

As mentioned in the interview, he began wrestling when he was roughly 16 or 17 years old. Therefore, he has been in the wrestling business for almost 20 years now. Considering the amount of name and fame he has currently, he feels like he has begun the ascent to the ultimate success in WWE.


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He states that in a matter of six to 10 years, he will reach the top of the ladder – which he calls his sweet spot – if his body doesn’t give up on him. What do you have to say about Rollins taking a dig at Johnson’s tiny career? Share your view in the comments below.

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