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Dwayne Johnson Could Not Hide His Emotions After Top Hollywood Actress Trolls Him For His “Acting” Skills

Published 09/21/2022, 6:30 AM EDT

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Dwayne Johnson faced some difficulties when he broke into Hollywood in his early days. However, the experience he got in WWE might have helped him to act in specific roles and remember his lines.

Johnson has achieved major success in Hollywood and has been a part of several big projects. Surprisingly, a top actress once trolled ‘The Tenth Adam’ actor over his acting skills.


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A year ago, Dwayne Johnson shared a reel on his Instagram. The reel was a compilation of funny moments of him with Emily Blunt in the interviews while promoting ‘Jungle Cruise’. In one of the moments, Blunt trolled ‘The Rock’ for his acting skills.

The question in the interview was, “I would like to know if for this movie you both practically develop some particular skill from scratch?”

Blunt by pointing at ‘DJ’ said, “Acting”


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Johnson was speechless over this troll as he started laughing loudly. Indeed, both the stars had major fun while filming the movie and even when promoting it. This fun between them kept the buzz alive for ‘Jungle Cruise’, which was released a year later due to the pandemic.

Moreover, in the caption, ‘DJ’ accredited Blunt as one of the funniest co-actors he worked with. He wrote, “Here’s the gospel ~ I have never EVER worked with any other costar in my life who makes me laugh harder than this one.”

Well, fan can see how much Johnson laughed in all of their interviews while promoting the film. However, this level of fun, ‘The Rock’ usually has with his best friend, Kevin Hart. It seems the WWE legend has found one more co-actor with whom he enjoys doing a film.

Dwayne Johnson: His efforts for convincing Emily Blunt didn’t go in vain

Emily Blunt had no plans to sign ‘Jungle Cruise’ whatsoever. She was taking a short break after filming ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ and ‘A Quiet Place’ back-to-back. However, ‘DJ’ left many messages and videos to convince Blunt to sign the movie.


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‘The Devil Wears Prada’ actress reportedly ghosted ‘DJ’ for a long time, as she wasn’t interested in the project. Also, Blunt declined to read the script for the movie. 


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‘The Hollywood Reporter’ in their July 2021 magazine mentioned how Johnson said to convince Blunt for the movie. Johnson said, “I had not even met her. And I wanted to let her know via this video just how important she was to this movie and how I only wanted her in this movie. And it was great and I … I actually never heard again from Emily. Didn’t respond at all. Just ghosted me.”

However, when the film director when to New York to meet Emily Blunt, he showed her the ‘DJ’ video message. Subsequently, he explained the script, which Blunt loved, and she quickly accepted the part.


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Clearly, accepting this movie was a boon for Blunt as he found a friend like ‘The Rock’. Many fans loved their back-and-forth.

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