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The September 15 episode of SmackDown will go down in the history of WWE as one of the greatest! Two of the biggest names in the pro wrestling world came together to start and end the episode. While John Cena added the finishing touches, it was Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who made a return after almost four years, receiving the loudest cheers.

But hours after The Great One’s return, reports emerged of WWE favoring Cena with an internal change.

Has the WWE settled an age-old debate?


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With their Hollywood careers taking off in grand fashion, both Cena and Johnson have devoted more time to honing their acting skills. This has taken a toll on the WWE faithful as the two icons’ appearance on WWE programming has reduced drastically. However, Cena seems to have managed things better than his hallowed peer.

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When there is more than one legend in the industry, there’s bound to be a comparison and debate about who is the greatest of all time. While the fans can debate year-round, the Stamford-based promotion seems to have made their decision, and it seems to be John Cena. According to FightfulSelect, the 16-time world champion is now being referred to internally as “The Greatest of All Time”.

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Is it because John Cena has been able to devote more time to the business than The Great One? Fans are free to speculate. Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson twice proved that he still has the game that one needs to be a top-level guy during his return.

The Rock teaches Austin Theory a lesson in crown management

Just minutes after his deafening return, Dwayne Johnson proved why he’s The People’s Champion. Taking on Austin Theory, a budding wrestler who is half his age, The Brahma Bull taught him a hard lesson on respect. Theory, who despises the crowd, kept up his tenacity even in the presence of Dwayne Johnson.

When the wrestler-turned-actor tried to teach him, the former United States Champion tried to shut him up, inviting trouble for himself. This is when Johnson showed that even though he wasn’t there for four years, the crowd’s love towards him hasn’t waned a bit. Johnson told Theory that he would make the crowd chant ‘you’re an a**h*le’ and proved it within seconds.


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The response also visibly left Pat McAfee, who opened the show in disbelief. This wasn’t the only time Johnson pulled out a ‘boss move’. Hours after the show ended, it showed a significant improvement in SmackDown ratings from its performance last week.

According to reports, SmackDown’s preliminary ratings were up 24 percent from last week to 2.4 million. Clips featuring Johnson on WWE’s social media handles also had millions of views. To his credit, his return wasn’t advertised. Had it been that, the television numbers would have undoubtedly soared higher.


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Despite all that, Cena, as per WWE, is the GOAT. What do you guys think about Cena officially getting the GOAT title?

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