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How Did Hulk Hogan’s Ex-Wife Jennifer McDaniel Become a Millionaire After Divorcing the $25 Million Rich WWE Legend?

Published 07/26/2023, 3:45 PM EDT

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One of the greatest in-ring performers, Hulk Hogan has had an illustrious career. In the 1970s and 80s, Hulk Hogan shot to fame as he started wrestling, and showing off his impeccable physique to the world. Fans became in awe of Hogan’s physique and praised his dedication and hard work. With his work ethic, dedication, and impressive physique Hogan rose to the top.

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Soon enough, The Hulkster became one of the most popular faces in the pro wrestling industry, selling out arenas and being the poster boy of WWE, and soon became a millionaire. Away from the ring Hogan found his partner Linda and the two would marry each other in 1983. They eventually got divorced in 2009. He would then marry Jennifer McDaniel in 2010 and stay together till 2021. However, prior to her wedding to Hogan, McDaniels was never much wealthy, but what changed her financial status after the marriage?

What helped Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife Jennifer McDaniel to become a millionaire?


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Jennifer McDaniel was born on 13th May 1974 and is currently 49 years old. She married Hogan when she was 36 years old, and Hogan was 56. Their marriage lasted a total of around 11 years, before they divorced each other, and moved on their own way.

Prior to her marriage with Hogan, she was a makeup artist, and the two started dating each other in 2008. Soon, after her wedding to Hogan, she came under the direct spotlight and became a known face as Hulk Hogan’s wife. Prior to the marriage, she was never in the limelight and led a simple life.


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Currently, at an estimated net worth of around $1 million, she has earned most of it from her profession in the film industry. McDaniel became a part of the makeup team in the 2010 horror film, ‘Let Me In’. A popular makeup artist in the film industry, McDaniel earns a handsome amount of money from her career there. Post this, she became a vital member of the makeup team in several other future projects.

Fans might often confuse and accuse McDaniels of taking a huge sum of money from Hogan during their divorce, which boosted her net worth. However, the couple entered a no-alimony term with McDaniel and instead paid off her a one-time undisclosed amount of money.

Hogan had also given McDaniel a car, as a part of their divorce terms. While Hulk Hogan is now dating Sky Daily, for over a year now, and plans on tieing the knot again, there are no reports on Jennifer McDaniel’s dating life.

Two years after his last divorce, Hulk Hogan is again ready to tie the knot again


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At 69 years old, and a father of two, Hogan again became open to marry a third time. He recently proposed to his girlfriend and yoga instructor, Sky Daily, 45. Hogan announced his proposal to Daily during her friend’s wedding.

Hogan announced his engagement during actor Corin Nemec’s wedding with Sabrina Nova. Hogan had proposed to Daily three days earlier, which she had accepted. During his speech, Hogan credited Nemec, and his wife Nova for bringing Hogan and Daily together.


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His marriage with Linda Hogan had ended on a sour note. However, he came to peaceful terms with Jennifer McDaniel and parted ways on good terms. And, soon after that, he started dating Sky Daily and is now looking forward to marrying her.

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