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Did Drew McIntyre's suspension go too far, or was it justified after the CM Punk incident?

The Road to SummerSlam has already begun, and one of the most anticipated rivalries heading into the event will be between CM Punk and Drew McIntyre. Both wrestlers are talented, and thus far they have done an excellent job of constructing their feud. Drew Mcintyre lost his Money in the Bank cash-in opportunity during the PLE itself to CM Punk’s interference in the match which has raised the stakes.

McIntyre was upset at Punk because it was not the first time he had lost a World title because of the Best in the World. The former World Champion was so enraged that he began looking for Punk on the MITB post-show and even walked to the post-show table, where he threatened him.

However, it was not heard since he did not utilize a microphone. Adam Pearce attempted to stop him but failed terribly as McIntyre struck him.


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Drew McIntyre is now suspended from WWE programming after striking a prominent WWE official. The amount of days of his ban is unknown at this moment, so the only thing that can be surmised is that he will not be punished for an extended length of time because he is lined up for SummerSlam action versus CM Punk. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see who emerges as the victor in this storied feud so far. Although we are hedging our bets on the Scottish star for securing the win.

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Drew McIntyre could emerge triumphant at SummerSlam

According to speculations, the feud between Drew McIntyre and CM Punk will be settled at the upcoming WWE PLE SummerSlam. The Stamford-based wrestling promotion is biding their time as the former AEW star is yet to get fully cleared for action. So far, speculation is that Drew McIntyre will win the bout, and the rationale for this is similar to passing the torch, since Punk does not have a long career ahead of him, but McIntyre does.

Furthermore, McIntyre is now enjoying a lot of momentum in the World championship arena, having successfully won it, lost it, and then come so close to regaining it again so many times. Killing McIntyr’s momentum would be negative, and it appears that the cause for Punk’s victory in the bout has yet to be revealed. Only time will tell how WWE will book these two stars and how the match will play out. Fans need to wait and watch how this rivalry will unfold in the future.

What are your thoughts on this river thus far? Who do you support? Do let us know in the comments.