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How Much Money Did Hulk Hogan Lose in His Divorce to Linda Hogan?

Published 12/19/2021, 6:30 AM EST

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Hulk Hogan is one of the greatest names in pro-wrestling history. His in-ring performances gave the industry quite the boost.

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Now, while he was pulling forward in his professional life, his personal life took a significant hit when his finances were drained in the divorce battle against ex-wife Linda Hogan.

How Much Did Hulk Hogan Lose in His Divorce?


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When The Hulkster and Linda Hogan got a divorce, Hogan lost more than he gained. On the other hand, Linda Hogan came out of the divorce with quite a handsome amount.

Reportedly, Linda received 70% of her and Hogan’s liquid assets and 40% ownership stake in his companies. That wasn’t all. She received an additional $3 Million property settlement and $7.44 Million for their joint investment accounts.


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On the other hand, Hogan was left with a mere $2.97 Million and had to put up a considerable number of his houses for sale to pay Linda Hogan her share from the divorce.

Keeping the above aside, Hogan was ordered by court to pay $180,000 to Linda Hogan’s lawyers to pay off her legal bills. Reportedly, the legal fees continued to accumulate for Linda Hogan as The Hulkster continued to delay the process of transferring the settle amount to her.

The only positive side for Hulk Hogan was he didn’t have to pay alimony and didn’t have to share any of his earnings from appearances.

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Hulk Hogan’s messy divorce

The Hulkster and Linda Hogan got married in 1983, and Linda applied for a divorce in 2007. The divorce was confirmed in 2009.

As per reports, Linda Hogan accused Hulk Hogan of cheating on her with their daughter’s friend, Christiane Plante. Even though Plante did address the alleged affair once, Hogan has never made any comment about it.

To Hulk Hogan, the divorce was out of the blue. He wasn’t expecting a divorce even though they had problems for ten years. As per him, the reason for the divorce was the TV Show Hogan Knows Best, but Linda Hogan confirmed it was because of his alleged affair with Brooke Hogan’s former best friend.

Now, during the divorce, Linda Hogan came under the wrong spotlight when she started seeing then nineteen year old Charley Hill.

It was even more controversial because the youngster went to the same high school as Brooke Hogan.

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What Hulk Hogan is doing now

Currently, Hulk Hogan is preparing for his biopic where Chris Hemsworth is playing Hogan. Both of them have taken to social media to show the preparations for the upcoming movie.

Apart from that, Hogan runs a successful shop known as Hogan’s Beach Shop in Florida. It’s filled with gifts and memorabilia from his career and iconic moments in his life. The beach has significantly helped in

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How much is Hulk Hogan’s net worth in 2020?

Hulk Hogan has a net worth of $25 Million in 2021. This comes from his wrestling career, acting career, appearances, endorsements, and others.

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It probably would have been much higher but Hogan didn’t quite manage his finances as well as he should have back in the day.


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The last time Hulk Hogan was seen in WWE was as a host for WrestleMania 37 alongside Titus O’Neil. It’s unknown if he will make any future WWE appearances.



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